Sunday, 13 April 2014

Four Years Of Blogging

I realized yesterday that My Blog was 4 years, 1 week and 1 day old. It never ceases to amaze me how time flies and it honestly does not feel like a year ago that I posted this post about the three year anniversary of My Blog. So much has happened over the past year, yet nothing has changed. It also turns out that my Third Year Anniversary Post was my only post in April last year. I always have these grand plans to blog all the time and make my blog more interesting, but then life happens and I don't get to it. My biggest achievement last year and also my biggest downfall when it came to blogging was giving up smoking. You would be right in asking what has not smoking got to do with not blogging, because it does seem like a strange thing to say, but it actually has everything to do with blogging. Besides the fact that I slept through the first 8 months of quitting smoking, it was the whole habit of lighting a cigarette, starting a post and several cigarettes later the post was done. Now that I am almost a year smoke free, I am going to put the tired excuse aside and put more effort into my blog.

I started a Photo A Day Challenge this year - just for fun. There are many Photo A Day Challenges, but the best one is the one I am doing, the Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge. I may be biased, because I am doing it, so think it is the best, but it really is. I found the challenge by mistake and liked the no hard and fast rules of the challenge. There are some challenges out there that have such strict rules that it takes all the fun out of it. I don't post my prompt pictures on my blog anymore, it just took up so much time, but they are all on Instagram. I love Instagram and I love doing the Photo A Day Challenge. There is a nice community on Instagram doing the challenges and so far up until now my Instagram is only for the Photo A Day Challenge and the photos are all taken with my Galaxy Tab. Since starting the challenge I have started following a lot more blogs and this has made me want to change the look and feel of my blog.

Just as we have changed, evolved and stayed the same as a family, so has my Blog. We have grown older, wiser and different, yet fundamentally, we have stayed the same. Chad's Page is so outdated and it breaks my heart that Clint's Page will always remain the same. The reason Why I Blog, which ultimately will always be a Journey of our lives, will always evolve as we evolve as a family and as I evolve as a person. My "About" Blurb is also so outdated and I have too many useless gadgets on my page. For instance the sites I visit and the TV shows I watch are mostly outdated, so I will be changing those things and I will also be updating posts more regularly and making  trying to make my posts more interesting. If not all then just some posts, because this blog will always be my journey about our lives:- the grief and the fun, the sadness and the happiness; the good with the bad.

I am thinking about doing a page for our favourite recipes. I did have a page with just recipes, when I first stated my blog, but then unpublished it and I might publish it again, but a bit differently to the original one that had the recipes on one page. We have too many favourite recipes to have them on one page only.

I have been planning to post about past holidays - from before I started this blog - but haven't as yet, but hopefully that will change this year and I will find the time to look for photos and post them. Sadly, I have been very neglectful about keeping photos safe and downloading them, so we have many holidays without photos. This needs to change and I need to download my photos and save them on One Drive - previously Sky Drive.  I pay for more space and then forget to save my new documents and photos and I always forget to download my photos and have lost so many because of stolen cameras and crashed PC's or accidentally erased photos. That needs to stop.

Those are some of the changes that I am planning for my blog.
Thank you for stopping by to read my blog and this post.

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