Friday, 11 April 2014

Let's Write Off April

Whoever plans the school holidays, definitely does not have school going children. Schools closed on the 28 March 2014 for a whole week. It was back to school on Monday and next week is Easter, which means Friday is a holiday and the Monday as well. We then have a holiday on Monday 27 April, then back to school/work on Tues and Wednesday, Thursday is a holiday and Friday back to work/school. Chad' school used to have a midterm break in April and I don't think they are getting those 3 days off this year. His school is a private school, but they follow the Government school's holidays. Every year April is a complete write off and you would think that by now, they would delay the school holidays until Easter and all our other holidays. In December everyone knows that from the 16th most companies close down and the holiday season starts. April is just an up and down month. Bad for business and bad for school work

Spike And His Separation & Jealousy Issues
We are not going away for Easter. Sheila is going on leave tomorrow until after Easter, so we have no one to look after the animals. I mean who will be comfortable with a Bull Terrier sitting on their lap. Spike believes he is a little poodle - oh and Mark does too. It is tough finding someone reliable to stay at our house and take good care of the animals. The roads are also so hectic over the Easter Weekend, which is also another reason why school holidays should be over the Easter Weekend and not two weeks before - it just gives an extended period to travel. With the carnage on our roads over the Easter Weekend with everyone rushing to their holiday destinations and migrant workers going home, finding ways to cut down the traffic and ultimately the road deaths should be a priority, but it obviously is not, which is why school closes for a week, they reopen for 2 weeks, then off again. I am hoping to go away over the next long weekend. We definitely need a break, but sometimes going away is more stressful and tiring than relaxing. So for the Easter Weekend we will just relax at home or find local things to do and we won't have the added stress of worrying about the animals and finding someone reliable to look after them ~ and Spike will have his daddy, which will make him very happy and content.

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