Friday, 25 April 2014

My Scoop Sponsored Campaigns

I have never received any compensation for my opinion or review of a product or place, be it monetary or products. Whatever I have posted about up until now has been my personal opinion of a place or product that has either worked or hasn't worked for us on our journey through life. I have never been paid to blog or received advertising revenue. My blog has been a diary of my life and the reason Why I Blog  has always been to have a journal of our memories. I had never planned to gain financially from my blog, but last year I came across My Scoop. My Scoop essentially brings brands and bloggers together. Bloggers get to monetise their blogs with sponsored posts or tweets and brands can use South Africa's biggest blog and twitter network to advertise their products. You can read more about My Scoop over here.

I signed up, but none of the campaigns appealed to me and I forgot all about it. About a month ago Tam from My Scoop contacted me via my Blog to get my contact number and then called me to tell me all about the new and improved My Scoop and all the new campaigns in the pipeline. She also explained that I would need Google Analytics on my My Scoop Profile to track my stats. I had problems with setting up my Google Analytics and Nick from My Scoop was very helpful and patient until we had it sorted. I had two Analytic profiles and My Scoop was picking up the old one from before I moved my Blog to my own domain. It is all sorted now and I am really excited about monetising my blog with sponsored posts through My Scoop. As promised in my Disclaimer, if I ever get compensated for a post I will specify that I have been compensated. All my sponsored posts will be labeled My Scoop Sponsored Campaigns. All the campaigns that I accept will be for a product that I use and know and trust or a product that I would be willing to use after hearing/reading about it. I will never accept a campaign just for the money. If it does not appeal to me as a person in my private life, I won't accept the campaign. The same would apply to places - I would not blog about a night club, because I would not go to one, but I would blog about a resort that I have never been to, but after reading about it, would want to go to it.

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I am really looking forward to this new "adventure" in my blogging world and it may appeal to you too. To become a publisher and monetise your blog, click here to sign up. If you are a business owner who just happened to read this post you might be interested in joining My Scoop as an advertiser. To read more about becoming an advertiser click here. My Scoop could be the answer to your online marketing and advertising campaigns.
I have not been compensated by My Scoop or any advertiser for this post. This post was written to explain one of the reasons why I decided that my blog needs a change.

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