Thursday, 24 April 2014

Oats And Honey Bread

I am totally addicted to bread - white bread; health bread; whole wheat bread; brown seed bread, almost any bread. Rye bread, I am not too crazy about, but will eat it. The only white bread that I eat is Albany bread - it is the best, whether it is eaten with butter/margarine only; marmite; cheese, chicken mayo; tuna mayo; jam - whatever, I just love Albany white bread.

Last week, I went to Woolworths to buy vegetables. Their vegetables are the best, especially their pre-packed butternut. Chad has this theory that Woolworths grows their fruit and vegetables in a laboratory, because no one sells butternut THAT good - no matter how it is cooked. No one sells mango and nectarines and blueberries that taste THAT good.

As I was rushing around the store, I went to buy bread. There is one thing that Woolworths cannot make and that is white bread. Whether it is thick sliced bread; toaster bread; easy digested bread, their white bread is just not good and none of us like it, but all their other breads are amazing. I saw this loaf of bread on the shelf, labelled "Oats and Honey" and I had to try it.

Honey & Oats Bread

I love Honey; I love Oats and I love Bread, so what a delight to find Oats and Honey bread at Woolworths. They have more than likely sold it forever, but because it looks like white bread I have obviously overlooked it in the past. I am so happy to have stumbled  (both literally and figuratively)  on this bread - it is divine and it is also Vegan, so if you are a Vegan, you can enjoy it too. Mark did not like it, but then he is not a bread person. He eats white bread and white bread rolls, but that is about it and he doesn't get the whole health and flavoured bread thing. I do and love trying new breads.....

Honey & Oats Bread With Butro
...... and this was well worth trying.

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