Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Our Weekend That Was....

It is going to be almost impossible to get back into a five day week after all these long weekends. I am not complaining, but these holidays impact business badly and it is a catch 22 situation - we need the rest and relaxation, but if there is no work, there is no income. This morning we went to Wimpy for breakfast and the Manager, who is a client of ours, was saying how quiet it was for a Public Holiday - either everyone was away or no one has money, just too many holidays all at once and this week is a two day week, because Thursday is a holiday and we are closing on Friday. We should have closed Tuesday and Wednesday and in hindsight, Mark agrees. I have been half nagging half suggesting it for weeks now - his answer always NO - how can we close for a whole week. Now that he has spoken to so many people, he has realised that it was pointless not closing for the week.

Wimpy Cappuccino 
How cute is the design on my Wimpy Cappuccino!!!!! Wimpy without a doubt makes the best coffee and cappuccino. It always amazes me how Barista's get the design on Cappuccinos. On one of our trips back from Ballito, we stopped at a Fuel Station that had a Mugg and Bean, not a proper Mugg And Bean, but a kiosk in the actual Quick Shop and I bought a Cappuccino, which also had a pretty design and I did not notice any fancy equipment.

Mugg And Bean Take Away Cappuccino 
So back to our Freedom Day long weekend. Today was a Public holiday, because Freedom Day fell on a Sunday. On Saturday, Chad and Mark went to Bella Bella, to Mark's cousin to go and fetch Chad's pellet gun. It was Clint's pellet gun, so I was really angry when I found out Mark gave it to his cousin to "fix". There was nothing wrong with it as far as I am concerned and it was a huge thing for me to give the gun to Chad and Mark does not understand that. It is back now, I don't even know when they gave it to him, but I only found out last weekend, when Chad and Mark went with friends to someone's farm to shoot - not hunt just target shoot and Chad never had his/Clint's pellet gun. I stayed home and was meant to update my blog, but instead only posted this post. There is a whole post waiting to be typed about why I cannot get down and make all the changes. I ended up doing nothing much except to go to Woolworths to buy some stuff for dinner. I made a really good Chicken and Cashew Stir fry - recipe to follow one day soon. I kind of made it up from memory of the chicken stir fry I had when we went to Ballito in January. Chad complained about "Stir Fry Again", but after tasting it said it was so good. We downloaded The Delivery Man from Box Office - It was a pretty good movie - cheesy but good. I enjoy Vince Vaughn's movies and last night Chad and I watched The Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. I think it is the third time we have seen it. It was on MNet and nothing else to watch.

Yesterday, Mark wanted to go to the BMW show at Lover's Rock in Magaliesburg. Magaliesburg is a small town about an hour out of Johannesburg. Chad was going to go then he wasn't and in the end he did go with. When we arrived at the entrance, well about a half a kilometer away from the entrance, cars had stopped all over the place - in the road; on the side of the road everywhere, trying to get in. There was that whole illegal street car mentality going on, so we decided to give it a miss. Mark is very disappointed, I don't know why, because he has seen and driven more than enough cars in his life time. Chad and I could see down into the resort from the road and it was jam packed with people/cars - Bree Street Taxi Rank has nothing on that. We then decided to find a place to go to for lunch and could not agree on any place. Of course we had to have the roof down and yesterday was quite chilly and windy.

We were getting closer and closer to home and finally decided on Silver Star Casino and ate at The Steak Restaurant . The food was really good. Chad had a Chicken Schnitzel; I had Hake & Calamari with chips and it came with vegetables - spinach and butternut, it was so good and Mark had a 500g Rump with Mealie Meal and Tomato Gravy - Mark likes his authentic South African Food. The portions were huge and we were too full to have dessert and we did not have starters either. We went to the Casino, Chad's ego was deflated, because he was not allowed in the Casino, they are definitely more observant at Silver Star than what they were when we went to Emperors Palace and no one batted an eye when Chad walked in. I gambled on the slot machines with R100.00, I went up R100.00 three times and lost it all in less than ten minutes. Mark who normally loves playing the slot machines did not want to. There is absolutely no skill in gambling yet so addictive. We were amazed at the amount of pensioners gambling at the slot machines. We saw the same people before we went to eat, sitting in the exact same seats after we ate and they were in no hurry to leave and they were all old age pensioners.

It was so cold and I had left my jacket in the boot of the car, my hair was blowing all over the place, so I wrapped my scarf over my head and Chad and Mark thought it was hilarious. Chad made me take a photo of myself so that I could see how funny I looked - I was warm though ;).

Our AVG Internet Security expired about 2 weeks ago and we finally went to go buy a new one today. I know you can buy the license online and it is meant to be far easier, BUT, we did that with MacAfee, years ago and the license did not work and it was a huge fight and hassle to get our money back from the re-seller agent. It is quite strange how five years ago one license cost over R1000.00 and now a 4 user license costs only R349.00. It is good to know that some costs go down.

We were only supposed to buy chemicals for the pool and AVG Anti-Virus, but we ended up buying everything else as well. Mark bought me Adobe Photoshop elements. I asked the salesman assisting us at Incredible Connection if they had it in stock and said I wasn't buying it, I was just dreaming about buying it and he thought it was very funny. It was cheaper than I thought and Mark said I must just take it - Thanks Mark. I downloaded the trial one just after my birthday, because Mark bought me a Pentax X5 for my birthday (another post I am struggling to type up) I have wanted to buy it since then and like the stuck record I am, I can't believe it was four months ago. Mark also bought me another set of rechargeable batteries for my camera. I was spoilt for a change ;)

Other than the usual cleaning stuff on Sheila's shopping list, I also bought some seeds - was Mark's idea not mine, nothing grows that I plant, but he knows I love Pansies and we went past all the seeds when we were looking for the Pool Chemicals at Hypermarket and he said I should buy some and plant them. They have changed everything in the store and of course I hate change so don't like the new set up of the store and we ended up buying things we did not need or want, just because we had to look for the stuff we did need. We both want to grow a vegetable garden; AHEM, Rabie will be doing the garden, but we left the vegetable seeds and will buy them once we have prepared an area for a veggie garden. I can plant a plant next to a plant Rabie plants, at the exact time and his grows and mine doesn't. Although I did plant the seeds today, because he is on leave so we will see if they grow.

Lady Bug
 I found this little Lady Bug on our kitchen curtain today and put it on the Strelitzia in Clint's garden. I haven't seen a Lady Bug for a very long time.

I have had quite a busy weekend and it did not rush by in a sleep filled daze like it usually does. I think I am almost over my no smoking hurdle - in less than a week I will be a year smoke free. Wow is all I can say.

Roast Beef With Pineapple Ginger & Coriander
I am busy making roast beef for dinner and Chad is looking forward to watching The Roast Of Kenny Kunene tonight. OK that was not planned - eating a roast and watching a roast that is entirely not the same thing. Chad is a Comedy Central Junky and has been looking forward to this Roast for ages - and not my food. I am to say Chad's school has closed for the week, I wasn't sure when I wrote this post and only found out last week that they were closing.

Till later

Update - we never watched the Roast of Kenny Kunene after all. We started watching it, but it was absolute rubbish and the language and swearing was just too much. I am not a prude, but really if you need disgusting language to make something funny, then it is not worth watching.
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