Thursday, 17 April 2014

Pretty Colours And Favourite Things

I have been shopping at Clicks stores for as long as I can remember - for more than 30 years. Now I am really giving away my age, but age is but a number - it is also a reality - we are as old as we are. Anyway, I do know that I have been shopping at Clicks Stores since I left school and started nursing. I may have shopped there before I even left school, which would make it forever, I just can't remember that long ago. As Chad says I am two years short of being ancient - my complimentary child :). I do remember shopping at the Clicks Store in Durban Central; either in West Street or Smith Street, that detail is a bit sketchy, but I am inclined to believe it was Smith Street, because Smith Street was a one way street away from the beach front and West street was a one way towards the beach front. I have a love/hate relationship with the store. I love it, because of all the pretty things and hate it because I walk in to buy one item of necessity and walk out with 10 items that I did not need or even really want. I do get frustrated with some of the smaller stores, because they don't have everything, but I still keep going back.

Essence Mascara
 One day, a long time ago as I was browsing the aisles, looking for a concealer, I discovered the Essence Range and tried them. Their products are dirt cheap and I know saying something is cheap takes the value of the product away and saying it is inexpensive sounds much more complimentary, but in all honesty their products are really cheap. R30.00  R44.55 for an eye shadow trio compared to other products is cheap. Maybe they are a bit more now, but I haven't bought for a long time, because they also last a long time and even if I don't like one colour in the set at R30.00 R44.55 it is still worth it. I was not paid to say this - it is my personal opinion.

Essence Concealer 

I was very impressed with Essence last year when I had a problem with the concealer I bought. It was one of those weeks in December, when we were rushed and stressed and everything was going wrong. I bought a concealer and the next morning when I tried to use it, it did not work at all. It was not the first time, it had happened twice before and I was annoyed. I sent a complaint to Clicks, as I had no contact details for Essence. The next day I was contacted via email by Essence for my contact details and the following day they hand delivered a new concealer to me at work. I was really impressed and did not expect it at all.

Well Used Mabelline Mascara

I love their BB Cream (Beauty Balm) (R66.55) and have been using it for ages. I am currently trying the foundation and it is also very cheap - less than R50.00. It is a bit dense and I think I should get a lighter tone, especially for Winter, but honestly considering my normal foundation  is 5 times the price of Essence foundation, I think I am going to stick with it. My skin has not had any adverse effects since using it and seriously, I don't think foundation has any effect on how young or old you look. Life has done that already at my age - life and the sun. I used to tan all the time, with no sunblock, so any damage was done a long time ago. I don't like their mascara, it is supposed to be waterproof and tear proof, but I wear contact lenses and the mascara does not work for me, I far prefer Mabelline.

Essence Nail Polish
The other day, I was reading a blog and the blog writer posted about the Essence Nail polish she bought and the next day I went to Clicks to buy Concealer and the Nail Polishes caught my eye so I bought red, blue and pink. The colours are gorgeous and so pretty. The nail polish is not that good, it chips very fast, but nothing a good top coat and base coat can't fix. I did my nails at work the other day, then quickly went out to buy a top coat from Clicks, because the blue lasted only a day without the top coat.

Sally Hansen Top Coat

I never liked dark nail polish on short nails, being from the generation of long dark red talons, but short nails with dark colours is growing on me. My nails are so messed from the Acrylic tips I had in December, that I have to keep cutting them until they have recovered and I hide them under pretty colours.

Essence Red - Matches My Cappuccino Cup 
Have a look at the Essence blue on my Instagram

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