Saturday, 19 April 2014

Roadhouses And Drive-Ins

There are some things that just make "back in the day" so much better than today. Technology can advance as much as it likes to make our lives better; easier or more than likely more stressful, BUT.... nothing can be better than the days of drive-ins and roadhouses. Everyone has a story or good memory of a roadhouse or drive-in - be it a hook up with friends, a romantic encounter or a family night out with the kids. Nights out at the drive-in were just the best. Sadly drive-ins are no more - in Johannesburg that is and I think the whole of South Africa. I stand to be corrected, but I think the Veldskoen Drive-In in Randburg was the last drive-in to shut down. Time goes by so quickly, but I am sure it was in 2012 that it closed. Well what motivated this post, you may wonder?

Burger Box 

For the past two weekends I have felt like a milkshake and the previous weekend, Mark went to our local McDonalds to buy milkshakes and I kid you not, they had no milk!!!. Last Friday night we nagged and nagged Mark to go buy us Milkshakes and he reluctantly went off to KFC and bought us some after dinner and KFC might do the best ice-creams, but not milkshakes. Yesterday, Mark worked and came home and suggested we go somewhere for a milkshake and I said how cool it would be if they still had roadhouses. Well apparently there are a couple around and one in Ontdekkers Street in Mogale City (Krugersdorp) about 17km's away. So off we went and found the Burger Box Roadhouse Grill

Waiters at Roadhouse

It did not look the best, but sometimes you have to close your eyes and mind to aesthetics and just live in the the moment which we did and wow am I glad we did. It was the best milkshake I have had in a very very long time. I had a double thick lime, Mark had a double thick strawberry and Chad had a regular chocolate. The double thick's come with a marshmallow and wafers. They were divine and brought back so many memories of yesteryear.

Double Thick Lime
There were loads of fun times at drive-ins and roadhouses. I remember all the nights and days spent at the Exel Roadhouse (spelling) in Durban. I wonder if it is still there, I can't remember if it was spelled Exel or Excel. When clubs closed at 12, we would make our way down to Exel roadhouse, beach days ended up at Exel. When we were younger we always went to roadhouses and I remember the little baskets the burgers came in - and no one makes burgers like they did at roadhouses; I remember the trays that clipped on your car and how you flashed your lights for service. The memories at drive-ins, even if the movie wasn't good - just fun times............ Memories that will soon be forgotten and filed in the "In my day we had" story box.

After our milkshakes we stopped to look at the caravans for sale and classic cars. We were toying with the idea of buying another caravan and start camping again, but it just fell by the wayside. Mark wants to get a camper and Chad says it is for old people - Chad I am two years before ancient., you know!!! I think the BMW replaced the camper. Midlife crises much!!! Chad says it is not a midlife crises, because he nagged Mark to buy the BMW.

Chad Moving The Car Closer.

And this below is Mark's real dream - a Unimog, but this one is a Tata.

Tata Camper

----And that was Easter Friday with a difference...

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