Sunday, 27 April 2014

Shopping For Chad

With Sheila being on leave last week, working full time and the rain we had, I hardly did any washing so our laundry basket was more than overflowing. Chad was having his school photos taken and he needed new Winter clothes so we went clothes shopping. Chad was in the mood for shopping and I was not in the mood for working so it worked out pretty well. As promised in this post, here is the evidence of our shopping trip :-).

I never managed to get his shoes in properly, but getting a photo of Chad is nothing short of a miracle - and that is only apparently, because I am taking the photo - moms don't do that........

Puma Ferrari Shoes - Total Sport

Jeans & T-Shirt From Truworths Man

Red & Black Puffer Jacket & Hoody Truworths Man

Chad & The New Hairstyle
Both Mark and I were not keen on the new hairstyle, but a week later it has just blended into Chad. I cannot believe how grown up Chad is and how time flies. I mentioned over here and over here, that Mark does not get the whole metro-sexual thing of modern day man and he still does not get it. Chad takes after Mark in every way except clothes; fashion and style - which is a good thing. My mom said the other day I wonder were he gets it from. I don't follow fashion, yes when I was young I wore fashionable clothes, but I was no Fashionista. I have never followed trends and have always believed that clothes should not only suit your body size and shape but also your personality. This is the part of Chad's personality and character that is unique, the part that is neither mom or dad - just Chad.

T-Shirt & Grey Joggers - Truworths Man  And Shoes - Markhams

We certainly concentrated more on looks and fashion than warmth and quantity. Other than the very warm jacket , he has no Winter clothes, so we will be making a trip to the shops again soon - my purse is groaning at the thought. Chad has very expensive taste. When I was waiting outside the change rooms at Truworths Northgate, passing Chad different sizes as one does, a young girl was walking around the store looking at men's clothes and taking photos. The Sales person told her that she must stop taking photos as it is not allowed. I thought that strange and asked him why you cannot take photos - he did not know he just knew it was not allowed. I always take photos in shops and send to Chad or Mark - Do you like these shoes? Is this the school bag you wanted? etc - everyone does it - apparently it is not allowed in Truworths. From pictures on blogs and all Social Media platforms EVERYBODY does it. Selfies in the change room; selfies on the shop floor; selfies next to the clothes rails - look what I bought pics - how cool is this. When I was telling Mark about it, he said maybe they don't allow it in case it is to shop lift. In fact, before the salesman told her to stop taking pictures, I did notice her phone oddly placed in her hand and it was on the camera setting, but she was not openly taking photos more in a kind of sly way. I wonder if she was up to no good or just a bit shy taking photos of men's clothing - she could not have been more than 18 or 19.

That leaves me with the question - Are you allowed to take photos of clothes and goods in stores or not??

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