Thursday, 10 April 2014

Thursday Motivation And Inspiration

Thursday is that day of the week where you really need a kick and shove and push to get going. Like the last couple of meters of a race where you are too exhausted to carry on, but what a waste if you give up and don't finish, that is Thursdays for me. So I almost always need a push to get through the day. The kick and shove and push can come in all sorts of disguises - chocolate, coffee; energy drink or maybe an inspirational quote or two. I love Pinterest , because of the cute animal pictures and inspirational quotes, but never get to spend time pinning, but every now and then I go there  and ooh and aah over the animal pictures and read the inspirational quotes. I also subscribe to Good Morning Nubia_Group and receive their motivational emails every morning. Granted, I don't always open the emails every morning, but when I have a chance I go through them all or save them for when I need a kick and a shove and a push to get through the day. Here is some motivation and inspiration to get through today.

Enjoy your Thursday, it's almost the weekend -We are nearly there

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