Tuesday, 15 April 2014

To Harties And Back..... For Lunch....

On Saturday morning, Chad came up with the idea of going to Haartbeespoort Dam for lunch to give Mark's latest acquisition  BMW a good run; try it out, take it for a spin - like they haven't tried it out enough already. I haven't been in it at all, not even to just sit in it. I am not a petrol head or car fanatic, a car is a car and all roads have speed limits, so really a fast and powerful car means nothing to me. I love my car and I love the Landrover, in a way that I get attached to things through memories or for an un-explainable reason or attachment. I haven't yet had a feeling for this car as yet.

It was a lovely day and we left at around 11 in the morning and took a leisurely drive with the top down. We had to indulge Mark - Chad isn't that keen on driving with the top down either. The irony was not quite lost on me - me who always locks my car doors and keeps the windows closed and air-con on, now driving with no roof; no closed windows; no locked doors, after all we do live in Gauteng, the crime Capital of South Africa, if not the world. Sometimes I think I just worry too much and although I am not entirely safety conscious and don't live in fear, I do believe that locked doors in a car is a preventative and safety precaution. I am more fearful of being involved in a collision  than anything else. So the whole time I was worrying about having an accident and us being so vulnerable if we rolled and Chad kept assuring me of the air-bags in the seats and everywhere else. Um Chad, I am not really worried about my seat - my butt is well padded after all, I am worrying about the rest of our bodies - heads in particular. I should not stress my child out like that, but I have to make him fearful of speed and recklessness on the roads. We went the long way to Haartebeespoort and went through the tunnel and spent along time being harassed by the street vendors, selling everything from hats to bags to ashtrays to avocados and everything and anything. There was no closing the windows and ignoring them, we just had to smile and chat and refuse their wares; instead of pretending that they don't exist, behind our glass windows.

We went to Catalino's Restaurant. We have never been there before and thought we would give it a try. Mark ordered Ravioli in a Beef Bolognaise - he did not enjoy it, but Ravioli is not nice at the best of times.

Chad had Beef Lasagna and loved it. Mark tried some of Chad's food and wished he had ordered that instead. I had Polini (I think it was called that) It was chicken strips in a creamy mushroom sauce with Penne. It was really good and the plate was piled with food. I took half home as a take away - it was too much to eat and very rich.

Chicken & Mushroom With Penne
We had a lovely lunch. When we arrived there was only one couple in the restaurant, but filled up very quickly. Our waitress was very pleasant and attentive without being overbearing. The only downfall of the restaurant, I would say is that you walk forever to get to the Ladies Room and you walk practically through the kitchen and along passages. The facilities were clean, but the one cubicle door did not lock or close at all. All in all for an an early lunch it was pretty good.

We took a leisurely trip back enjoying the scenery - note to self - wear sunblock next time
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