Saturday, 26 April 2014

When Life Gets The Better Of Creativity

I do not have a creative bone in my body - I have a sewing machine, but don't sew. I saw these amazing Easter Baskets on a blog I started following recently - my boys did Easter Egg hunts with normal baskets not pretty hand crafted baskets. I don't have the patience for sewing and crafts. A Spiritual Healer told me that I am creative or I lost my creativity and need to go back to being creative. I can't remember exactly what she said, but I did dispute being creative and she told me creativity could be something as simple as growing a pot plant or gardening. I did become obsessed with our garden after Clint's death and with the help of a Landscaper, who did Clint's Memorial Garden and our gardener, Rabie, gardening became my passion and obsession to deal with my anger and grief. You can read a bit more about how gardening became therapeutic over here.

Close Up Of Clint's Garden Today

Although we spent a fortune on plants and I spent many hours in the garden, the rest of the garden has never looked as beautiful as what Clint's Memorial Garden looked like after the Landscaper had finished with it. Although, Clint's garden looks nothing like it did when it was completed and sadly I have no pictures of when it was completed, it still remains the most beautiful part of our garden and that is more thanks to Rabie than my creativity. I buy the plants and seedlings and tell him where to plant them. I also tell him when to trim the plants and trees. Somebody on Instagram commented that it looks so beautiful and relaxing. It is the only part of our garden that looks beautiful - alll that time and money spent on the rest of the garden has gone to waste.

View From The House - Today

View From The Area Of The Garden That The Dogs Play In - Today

View From The Braai - Taken Today
I have totally digressed from the point of this post, but that is me. Writing/blogging is creative and I always loved reading and writing, until a teacher put me off writing when I was in Standard Seven (Grade Nine). I wrote this amazing short story (or so I thought) about a baby in the mother's womb from the baby's perspective and the baby was the narrator.  The teacher put a line through my hard work and said it was far fetched and rubbish. It was factual and researched through baby magazines and encyclopedias (no Google and Internet then). It was far fetched, because the baby was the narrator and that was impossible.  I wonder what she thinks of life today and all its far fetched technology of 4D scans and animation - she was not even old at the most ten years older than me. Well she ended what little bit of creativity I did have. My writing and imagination was pretty creative. My imagination came from all the books I loved to read. I wonder how many dreams were ended by teachers and their negative views on life. It can take one negative teacher to destroy the hard work and commitment of ten positive and open minded teachers.

Source - Pinterest
Another thing that destroys creativity is stress and fatigue. We have been getting home so late plus it is Autumn, so suddenly over night, it was dark before 6pm and I have neglected my Photo A Day Challenge on Instagram and I have completely neglected my 365 Project. Who feels like getting home when it is dark and getting all creative and you still have to cook dinner (Oh and I have no imagination or creativity in the cooking department either). You have had a stressful day at work and all you want to do is plonk down on the couch and vegetate. One disagreement/fight/argument with Chad or Mark and my creative brain shuts down completely. My blog that I keep saying needs a change (over here and over here) and an update,  I never get to - I rather read other blogs than update mine. Today, I planned to spend time updating my blog, because Mark and Chad have gone to Bella Bella (my excuse for not going with was because I was fixing up my blog) and look at the time it is now 1pm and all I have done is this post and I am not even dressed yet. Once again life got the better of my creativity.

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