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20 Carpet Facts Brought To You By Vanish

We don't have carpets in our house, we decided a few years ago that with animals, keeping carpets clean is a time consuming back breaking job. We pulled up the carpets and replaced them with Laminated Wood Flooring. Yes you can vacuum up the dust and hair, but getting them clean and germ free is another story - lets not even go down the puppy house training road. We do have a loose carpet in our lounge, because carpets are cozy and warm and it just looks and feels warmer with a carpet.

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We spend most of our time in the lounge and so do our animals so you can imagine our carpet needs more than a vacuum. We use all sorts of disinfectants to clean our homes, but what about our carpets. I always use Vanish when washing our clothes, not only if it has stains, some clothes can only be washed in cold water and I don't believe cold water cleans properly and hygienically. I use Vanish to ensure that our clothes are clean; stain free and germ free.


Vanish has compiled a list of interesting facts on carpets and how to keep them hygienic, clean and stain free. This post was sponsored by Vanish, but all opinions and words above are my own. Below are 20 Facts brought to you by Vanish.

20 Carpet Facts That Will Surprise You & Start Taking Hygienic Stain Removal More Seriously

There are many interesting things out there, some more interesting than others. We have taken one of the most “boring” items known to a great many human beings, the carpet, and have compiled a list of some facts known by few about the useful underrated home accessory. A lot of the time the carpet is overlooked and taken for granted, but now we give it the attention it deserves and look at some of the potential threats carried by these old time friends of our homes.
 1. The term “carpet” is derived from the Latin word carpere which means “to pluck”. “Carpet” also has the same Latin root as carpe diem which is literally “pluck/seize the day”.
 2. A virus called The Norwalk virus can survive on a dirty carpet for well over a month and is the cause for the stomach flu.
 3. The oldest carpet is over 2000 years old. It is the celebrated Pazyryk carpet and was found in the 1940’s in a Scythian tomb in southern Siberia.
 4. The swastika design is actually a symbol of good fortune and can easily be found on carpets that come from America, India, China and Europe.
 5. “To sweep under the carpet” is a phrase that was first recorded in 1963.
 6. The average person sheds around 1.5 million flakes of skin an hour. Most of these flakes become embedded in our carpets.
 7. Your carpets should be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months.
 8. “Bisselling” was the term used before “vacuuming” became the popular term.
 9. Borders of some oriental carpets were seen as ‘magical’ because they would protect those sitting within them.
 10. A strange little creature called the ‘firebrat’ makes its home in carpets that are near fireplaces that are used often.
 11. A study at Anderson Labs has shown that mice have dropped dead after simply breathing in new carpet fumes.
12. Salt is a great way to make your carpets brighter. Simply sprinkle some on before and let it settle for an hour before you vacuum it up.
13. Several kilograms of soil and dirt can accumulate in and under a carpet each year.
14. Brand new carpets can be a source of chemical emissions so customers should rather ask retailers to air out the carpet before it is installed and using a lower-emitting carpet adhesive. 
15. The vacuum cleaner is actually based on the 1699 street-sweeping machine invented by Edmund Heming.
16. Bed bugs can live in both carpet fibers and wooden floor boards. People only realise they have been bitten by them three to ten minutes after the actual bite.
17. Before carpets came about, floors were covered with rushes which acted as a disposable carpet. 
18. Carpeting may improve the quality of the air if they are properly cleaned and maintained. 
19. Salesmen battled to sell early Hoover vacuum cleaners because people refused to believe that their carpets contained a large amount of dirt.
20. Carbonated water is a very effective way to remove fresh stains. Simply pour the water on the stain, let it set for a few seconds and then sponge it up.

There are many reasons why our beloved carpets are still needed in this modern day, so considering the potential dangers of having a poorly maintained carpet are a very real threat, so make sure that they are not only clean, but hygienically clean. This post is sponsored by Vanish, for a selection of carpet stain removal tips visit their website.

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