Thursday, 15 May 2014

Cuticura Antiseptic Cream

I had never suffered from eczema or dry skin until after Clinty died. Clint had eczema; asthma; hay fever and allergies. He got it from my mother's side of the family, although I do suffer from sinusitis, it is not really allergy or hay fever related. A month after Clint died, my ears started to itch and burn like crazy, until a year later, they were so bad; they were bleeding and badly infected. Apparently it was eczema, which left untreated, became infected. I believe it was stress related, due to Clint's death. Someone said it was from shampoo and her husband has it in his ears and it was from shampoo and her doctor said that you should gently dry your ears with a hairdryer. I am not sure as to why you have to dry your ears with a hairdryer if it is caused by shampoo. Never the less, I do believe shampoo can cause skin problems, I just don't see why my shampoo would have caused the problem only after Clint died - I never changed shampoos. Well I still have the eczema in my ears and it drives me crazy.

High - But Comfortable Wedges

During both my pregnancies, my feet and legs swelled terribly. With Clint it was both feet and legs and I wore a size 8 shoe. With Chad it was only one leg. My legs swell up every time we travel (ever since I was pregnant with Clint) and for the past four or five years they swell often for no reason. Around November last year, they were swelling nearly everyday and started to itch around my ankle. Only my right leg. I thought it was because of the shoes I was wearing in the picture above. OK these shoes look very uncomfortable, but they are not. They might be high, but are so comfortable. The heel broke off the actual shoe and I was so upset, because they were not even that old, only a couple of months old. When the itchy area around my ankle would not heal and the mark/sore just worsened - I was glad the shoes broke. I thought the ankle strap was too tight when my foot was swollen and caused a problem. My mother has varicose veins and bad circulation and her feet are always like balloons and my grandfather, my mother's father had varicose veins that were so bad he had varicose ulcers. Their legs look/looked terrible. My grandfather is dead, but my mother is alive and hers look terrible. I am sure I am heading that way. The area around my foot became more and more itchy all the way up my leg. I scratched it raw.


It was so painful and I tried everything I could think of to take away the itch and burn and then in desperation found some Cuticura Cream in my drawer. We bought it awhile back when we went away and Chad fell and grazed his legs quite badly. We never used the cream on Chad's grazes and just cleaned them with  solution of Dettol and water. The Cuticura cream lay in my drawer for almost a year, until the itching and rawness from scratching my leg got so bad, I smeared my leg and foot full of the stuff. That was the first time in weeks/months that the itching stopped and I went without scratching my leg. I remembered that my mother had once told me that my GP, who she went to a couple of times told her that the itchiness is caused from bad circulation and gave her cortisone cream, which did not really help. I Googled it and apparently bad circulation causes itchiness and it is not eczema.

After the Cuticura soothed my leg, I read the back of the container and it is actually for eczema, it is also for pimples; chapped skin; burns; dandruff and other minor skin and scalp irritations. I have to say it works wonders. The marks/sores have gone. My leg does still itch, especially in water, when I bath and shower, but as soon as I have bathed/showered, I dry the area well and put Cuticura on. If it itches during the day, I just put some more on and it soothes it straight away. I have none of that sore and raw skin from scratching. For about R26.00 for a 50g tub that lasts for about two months compared to expensive cortisone creams that don't work, it is my miracle cream and a real fab find.  I even rub it on my hands at night and on my nails, because Winter is on its way and my hands get so raw in Winter - in fact my hands let me know that Winter is on its way, long before the Weatherman does. The ointment does not have a very pleasant smell, but it really works. I even rub it on my my cuticles. The other day I pulled on a piece of my cuticle that had snagged and it tore open. It was so sore, so I rubbed Cuticura on and it soothed it straight away, which then gave me the idea to put it on my cuticles at night.

I am still struggling with my ears though. It is a bit difficult putting ointment in your ears, so I just put it in the folds and it helps a bit. Cuticura can even be used for nappy rash; chilblains; brittle nails and aching feet. You can buy it from Pick 'n Pay; Clicks; Dischem and I think even at your local Spar. It is one of those old fashion remedies that surpass modern day remedies by far.

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