Thursday, 22 May 2014

Electric Hot Water Bottles...... What Next

Winter hit very quickly and normally I am quite prepared, but this year it came too fast. I can't get my head around the fact that it is almost the end of May and Winter. I honestly have not felt the cold at all this year. Nothing like other years when I was freezing cold all the time. Mark has been complaining about the cold since the weekend, but to be honest I am not that cold. I am wondering if it is because I gave up smoking, I read somewhere on my smoke free journey that smoking or quitting smoking affects your body temperature. Don't quote me, because it is a vague recollection that I read it and last Winter it was freezing - I was freezing so I am not sure why this year I have hardly felt the cold. The days have been dull and grey and cold looking with spurts of winter sunshine and blue sky - like winter and cold temperature days. It could be menopause too, I don't know all I do know is that thankfully I am not as cold as I usually am (yet).

Rechargeable Hot Water Bottle
With the sudden drop in temperature and not being prepared I haven't put our electric blankets on our beds yet. Our electric blankets are over 10 years old and it worried me that they are old and maybe faulty and something might happen and cause a fire whilst we are sleeping. I have a fear of fire especially in winter, but that is a post for another time. The last seven years have been a whirlwind blur of grief and the years have flown by and now all of a sudden everything is old and needs replacing, like my dishwasher, my microwave is breaking, the electric blankets, the house needs serious maintenance and it is all of a sudden. It is not that I have stopped grieving, it is just as if the universe has forced me to take a look around me and see that stuff needs to be done.

Electric Hot Water Bottle With Cover
I searched online for prices on electric blankets and Pick 'n Pay were the cheapest and whilst searching for the electric blankets, I saw these electric hot water bottles. I thought about buying the dog's hot water bottles last year, because I don't allow them to sleep on our beds anymore. It just worries me that they might burst and burn them, because dogs and especially Spike and Jingles dig and scratch their blankets into a crumpled mess. I showed the electric hot water bottles to Mark and he said that he should buy them for his grandparents. His grandfather is very old and incontinent, so an electric blanket is a no no. When I went to buy our electric blankets, I bought two electric hot water bottles, so he can give them to his grandparents and I can try them out. They cost R70.00 and are really so impressive. It takes 15 minutes to heat up and it gets so hot. I sat with it on my lap or behind my back for about two hours and then left it on the desk at work and at about 4pm it was still warm. I charged it at 11am. I am seriously thinking about getting us each one to use whilst watching TV. A normal hot water bottle is about R50.00 (I think). Clint loved his hot water bottle in winter and never used his electric blanket. He would have loved these. For older people, like Mark's grandparents, closing normal hot water bottles is also difficult and with these, you don't have to worry about tightening the cap or burning with boiling water. I forgot to add - the only downside is they only last a year and considering our Winters are so short, you can say they are used for three months only.
Oh and look what else I found today - chocoholics dream - Bubbly Top Deck and decadent is not the word - yum-malicious.

Bubbly Top Deck
Who needs a hot water bottle or electric blanket when you have a Bull Dog Blanket. I woke up this morning and spotted this....

Pluto & Miss Piggy
It does not bother Pluto at all that she sits on him and she is heavy. Winter warmth or not, she loves lying on Pluto or as close to him as possible. Lastly some cat warmth. Garfield claimed the basket that belongs to my mother.My mother gave me a whole lot of stuff in December and some of it was in a basket, which Garfield claimed. Garfield for those who don't know is female. She was supposed to be male until a ginger Tom cat started hanging around when she was less than 6 months old and we discovered that she was female and pregnant. Well she claimed the basket and when I first put a blanket in it for her she refused to get back into it until I took the blanket out. As the temperatures started dropping I put a blanket in the basket again and now she barely leaves the basket. She is in there day and night.

She is A Real Queen

And now for a warm bath and a warm bed

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