Monday, 12 May 2014

I Morphed Into A Fifties Housewife/Mother

My Mother's Day was spent mostly in the kitchen. I spent the day making Lasagna and cupcakes. We all love Lasagna, but I hardly ever make it, because it takes so long to make. Chad wanted me to make it for his birthday, then decided he would rather have it today.


I was not expecting anything for Mother's Day, because we always down play Mother's Day, because of Chad's birthday and it is just easier. Mark disappeared before I woke up - he went to work. I woke up and heard him leaving. I got up and got ready to go to the shops to buy the stuff for the cupcakes and lasagna. Just as I was about to leave for the shops, Chad went out to the gate, Mark pulled up at the gate, but did not come in. Chad came inside - with a present for me.

Mother's Day Gifts

It was honestly unexpected. but most appreciated, especially seeing that Mark and I have been doing more fighting than loving lately. So I have lots of chocolates and a Stickocinno Milk Frother with stencils and feel like a real dumbo, because in this post over here I was amazed at the coffee art and wondered how they did it. Duh Stencils!!!! Chad and I had a good laugh about my stupidity.

Such A Cute Gift Bag

Mark always finds the loveliest gift bags and I am sure he spends hours looking for a nice bag. He is so much better at gift buying and gift bag choices than I am. Not long after he dropped off my gift, he came home, whilst Chad and I were trying out the Stickocinno. Then they went to the barber to get their haircut and I went to the shops. Yesterday I also spent most of the day at the shops getting Chad clothes for his birthday. I never hardly ever go shopping on the weekend and very rarely go on my own, so to spend two days of the weekend shopping is quite something for me.

Chocolate Cupcakes

Chad is the only child that I know/have known that only eats the cake and hates the icing on cupcakes. I don't know why I ice them when I know he does not like the icing and I discovered today that Mark does not like icing either. I cannot ice cake and now discover neither of them like the icing anyway. I love icing and could not eat cake/cupcakes without icing/frosting.

Vanilla & Chocolate Cupcakes.

Mark came into the kitchen at around 5pm as I was about to dish up the Lasagna and said "Shew, you have been in the kitchen the whole day, what have you been doing" to be honest, it should not have taken so long to make Lasagna and cupcakes, but sometimes I go into a world of my own and escape into a world of flour and sugar and mixing bowls. I hadn't iced the cupcakes and Mark was looking for something to eat and that was when he said he doesn't like icing anyway. Amazing how you can stay in the same house as someone and not know everything about them. I also discovered over the weekend that we went away that Chad cannot sleep without socks on. I am his mom and I did not even know that. More about that when I finish our weekend away posts. It is one if those mental block posts like my birthday post that I just can't seem to finish and publish.

When I finished the cupcakes, we watched Kagiso Lediga Stand Up Comedy, on Comedy Central. Chad PVR'ed it and we have watched it so many times, but every time we watch it, it is funnier than the previous times. I am always on about it on my blog. Chad absolutely loves Kagiso Lediga. He is one celebrity/public figure Chad would love to meet. He thinks he is hilarious. He is good and definitely one of our best comedians.

And that was my Mother's Day. It was a lovely relaxed day. One of the nicest days I have had in awhile. Even though I spent most of it is the kitchen. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day too.

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