Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Off To The Polls We Go

Finally, the eve before voting day and I think everyone feels uncertain about this election. 1994 was met with more enthusiasm and positivity than negativity, 20 years later and it is the opposite - far less enthusiasm and much more negativity. Not only is it my opinion, but people from all walks of life seem to be unsure and uncertain. I still do not know who I am voting for or if I am even voting. One thing I am certain about is that I am glad the campaigning is over. The mostly lies of a bright future, the slating of each other. The unsolicited text messages from the ruling party and opposition party and every other party. One has to wonder where they get our telephone numbers and in light of the CPA act, are they actually allowed to send unsolicited text messages. Businesses may not send out unsolicited emails and texts according to the CPA, but Political Parties can I guess? In light of the times we live in, we have to find humour in the fact that the IEC (Independant Electoral Committee) has ruled no selfies to be taken in the voting booth. How times have changed in 20 years. In 1994 it was a major historical moment in our country and I wonder how many people photographed that moment in time. 20 years later, as technology has advanced worldwide, everyone wants to photograph themselves, but can't, because of the safety issue around it.

It always astonishes me that Political Parties can find the time for their constituents at election time, but never any other time. I remember the time I was having problems with the investigating officer at our local police station losing the photographs and other important documents relating to the culpable homicide case against the person who hit Clint off his bike. The documents were given to the detective in his hand more than once, it was given to his superior. In fact she came to our house to collect them and they were lost again. Just for the record these were police offices that had been in the police force long long before the 1994 elections. They were old school cops. Long story short, someone told me to contact the Provincial Leader of the opposition party for our Province, because he would help. He sent me an email to say his office does not work for me, when I, very politely, followed up on my email. I was gobsmacked to say the least. I am sure I still have that email saved somewhere. Needless to say his office has time to send me text messages and phone calls trying to get my vote, do I base my opinion of the party on one individual or do I base it on what they can do for me collectively. I know he is still very involved with the party, but would not be governing our Province. All I do know is that both the ruling party and opposition parties, need young blood at the helm, to make a change. Why do people always believe the older the person the wiser and more experienced they are? So on the eve of elections, who do I vote for and what should I base that vote on. Voting for a small party is as good as spoiling your vote, that I do know. Do I go for better the devil I know scenario, in the hope we don't get worse, do I go for the party with the member whose 'office does not work for me'  Or do I go for the next best thing. I hope I make the right decision in the end.

I found the IEC Twitter account today, I did not know that your X must not touch the side of the box. I wonder how many others did not know that or how many votes were unwittingly spoiled in the past? You can follow them @IECSouthAfrica for up to date info.


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