Thursday, 29 May 2014

Rambling Thoughts

This week life definitely got the better of creativity . It got the better of  most things and I feel like running far far away to a tiny Island with no human inhabitants - other than Mark and Chad that is. I haven't felt like blogging, this week. If only technology advanced to the point of hooking electrodes onto your temples, connecting it to a computer, pressing start and all thoughts transferred automatically to your blog or a platform of your choice. Then my blog would be as I want it, but that could be a problem too, because my thoughts unedited and uncensored could be a recipe for disaster, so it would have to have a "should you really say or think that" button. My head is so full of junk and thoughts and worries and ideas and I often wish I could take an erasing device and clear everything from my mind and start again. When I look at my animals I always wonder what goes through their minds as they lie there looking at you.

Deep In Thought ..... Or Not

The other day I was bitching about something and Chad and I got into a discussion about the appreciation of life and in one of my philosophical moments, I said there is always someone worse off than you, but also someone better off; there is also always someone kinder or less kind than you and we can apply it to everything in life, so we must not always accept the mediocre. We are entitled to strive and want more than what we have. We are entitled to be self centred and selfish at times, not to the point of hurting others, but to the point of self enrichment. To get through this Thursday and plough into the weekend I have found these quotes to ponder as I struggle with my own thoughts.

Have an awesome Thursday and even better weekend.

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