Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Shopping... And Why I Hate It.....

I am not a shopper by any means. I absolutely detest going shopping and only go out of necessity. When people say "having a bad day?  how about retail therapy to cure a bad day" I think seriously, how can shopping make you feel better. When I am having a bad day, going shopping would be like waving a red flag in a bull's face. Either way shopping is bad news for me. If I am in the mood for shopping I just waste money on stuff I did not need or want. If I am not in the mood for shopping and am forced to go to the shops, the universe screams out at me to stay home, because everything will go wrong. Mark is the one who does most of the shopping in our house or hears a huge groan when he says are we going shopping for groceries

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After my post about neglecting my animals, I showered and whilst getting ready to go to the shops, I was playing the "should I shouldn't I" game, but felt so bad, because I am always saying that I am going to bake Miss Piggy biscuits and I never do. She loves Bobtail Peanut Butter Biscuits, but LOVES homemade ones even more. We had already decided that it was too cold to bath them, more Mark's decision, because he knew he would have to help me bath them. Not baking for them would have just been laziness on my part, so off I went to Woolworths with a ten item shopping list.

Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits
Our local Woolworths Store was revamped last year or the year before, as time flies it might have even been in 2012. Since the store was extended and revamped the shelves are always empty or they have stock that is about to expire and yesterday was no different. There are always blogs or Twitter hash-tags bashing Woolworths for their high prices or employment equity policies. I never get on those bandwagons. Their fruit and veggies are the best as well as their chicken and mince, so I don't complain about price, but I will complain about bad service, expired stock and no stock and our closest Woolworths is guilty of it all the time. Yesterday their shelves were generally empty, they had no wholewheat flour and no Pasta Shells. It was not a major issue, and I thought I would go to Spar to get the other stuff I needed. As I was standing in the long queue I looked around and noticed just how empty their shelves are and that they have not had small packets of cashew nuts for ages.

Peach Cobbler
Well both Spars in our area had no wholewheat flour either. Is wholewheat flour a scare commodity or do store managers just not care that their shelves are empty? Going to three stores for a ten item grocery list and then to still come home short of two items is frustrating to say the least. What about the merchandisers and reps, do they not go to stores and check that their products are not on the shelves in well known stores or do they just not care, because their competitors are just as slack. As far as I know there is Sasko; Golden Cloud and Snowflake, but three stores did not have wholewheat flour. So maybe you no longer get wholewheat flour. In the end I made Peanut Butter Biscuits with White Cake Wheat Flour. It is not the best for dogs and also the biscuits came out too soft for dog biscuits, but Miss Piggy loves them. She goes crazy with the smell of peanut butter and the sound of the Kenwood mixer. I also made a Peach Cobbler for dessert with our Pasta Bolognese. The Peach Cobbler burnt a tiny bit on the edge, but was so delicious with Ultramel Custard.

Peach Cobbler & Ultramel Custard
I have to say the Woolworths Twitter Account  is very customer service orientated and responded to my frustrated tweet today and promised to investigate ... AGAIN. They are one of the few stores that do look into complaints and always try and remedy the situation. This store just can't seem to get it right and it is the closest and most convenient for me.

All in all I had a very frustrating day yesterday. Out dishwasher packed up yesterday, after I started baking; our vacuum cleaner packed up last week on Thursday and I have totally messed up my blog lay out and widgets and cannot get it back to what it was. So I am just as frustrated and angry with myself

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