Sunday, 25 May 2014

Snapwidget - Instagram Widget For Blogs

A picture is worth a thousand words ........... and Instagram is proof of that too. People who don't even speak the same language follow each other and like each other's photos, as the pictures tell a story all of their own. I only just recently started using Instagram (Um January - not so recent anymore) and love it. I have had a profile for awhile, but did not use it, until I stumbled on the Photo A Day Challenge created by Chantelle from the Fat Mum Slim Blog. I used to post the pictures on my blog, you can find them over here, but then it just became too time consuming and life got the better of creativity, so I stopped. I had the free  Snapwidget  widget on my blog anyway and just did not have the time to do both and was always playing catch up.You can get the free widget for your blog by clicking over here. "Snapwidget is an Instagram Widget that allows you to quickly and easily embed a Photo Gallery in your website or blog" Taken from Snapwidget Website. There is nothing wrong with the basic widget and it works fantastically. It has adverts, but not on the photo gallery on your blog, only when you click on the widget
When we went away for the weekend - post about that weekend to be posted one day soon or in the distant future, I just can't get my head around how badly the weekend turned out and why. Anyway, I left my USB connection at home and could not download my photos and until then I had only used my Instagram Account for my Photo A Day Challenge. I then put up pictures of the baboons at the resort and then wanted to change the widget and make it bigger, but I battled to log in.

I was being a huge techno-idiot and emailed Snapwidget's support team for help. Considering the time difference, I was amazed that they responded in two hours. I have never received a response from a support team so quickly - be it an app; a widget or a bank or any other support team. It turns out that I had forgotten that you don't log in with a username and password for the basic free widget, so I had not forgotten my username and password - I never had one in the first place - techno-idiot of note. You can even read in this post that I was such a techno-idiot when I started using Instagram, that I thought Snapwidget was Instagram. There were emails up and down when I "couldn't remember" my username and password and Joe from Snapwidget was so amazing. He even offered me the Pro-Widget for free, because South Africa is very close to their heart, because one of their team members lives in South Africa and I am a South African. I graciously refused their kind offer of a free Pro-Widget, because it just would not feel right.

Advert Free Snapwidget
I have since signed up for the Pro-Widget and it is amazing. It has no adverts, you can have up to ten different widgets. You can filter by Username and Hashtag. You can have only your timeline or your feed or your likes or everything. You can make different size thumbnails, different types of widgets and it is just so cool. I just have to figure out how to make the Widget open in a new window, when you click on the widget. I like all my links on my blog to open in a new window. I am not a fan of the back button to go back to where I was. I know I can just email support and they will help me, but I kinda feel like that annoying kid in the class that asks too many questions and stupid questions, just to get the teacher's attention. If I don't figure it out I will email support.

Widget In My Blog
The widget is only $6.99 a month, which I know is costly for South Africans, but if you are in the US, try it and I am sure you will like it enough to pay the $6.99 a month for the Pro-Widget. I am using the Pro-Widget, because after graciously turning Joe's offer down for a 100% discount, he offered a 50% discount, just so that I can try the Pro-Widget. It is really the best Widget to use for your Instagram photos on your blog, plus the support is amazing. This is totally my opinion and although I have been given a 50% discount it has in no way influenced how I feel about the widget. I loved it when I was using the basic free version, but was then just bowled over by the support and service given for a product/service that I was not even paying for. This post is long overdue and it was meant to be posted long before the discount was given and even long before this post where I said I would do a post on Snapwidget. It is really a great widget to show case your Instagram photos on your blog, so if you don't already have it, click here to get started. You can follow my Instagram Journey by clicking here.

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