Thursday, 8 May 2014

So Did I Vote?

After my post last night about who to vote for, I almost did not even go and vote. I went to the shops this morning and drove past the polling station, well not quite past it, but a couple of blocks away and saw so many cars, I decided to wait until later. I am not speaking to Mark at all, after a huge argument the other day, so it meant going on my own to vote. He knows exactly who is voting for and why - his opinion, I am was very unsure of who to vote for, so to stand in a long queue, had I gone with him, to listen to his opinion on who to vote for would have been too much. Our fight, among other aggravations and frustrations was about a comment I made to a customer after they made a very racist comment. I get so tired of people believing that because I share their skin colour, that I also share their racist views. Mark believes they are customers and are entitled to their opinions and it has nothing to do with me. If you make a derogatory comment in front of me, then it has a lot to do with me. So voting with Mark was not an option. Twenty years of Democracy and our Country is still rife with racism from all races, not only whites.

My Thumb Looking A Bit Dis-coloured - Thanks Blackberry

For most of the day I toyed with the idea of voting and who to vote for. I wondered if my apathy would make a difference to who would win the elections. After all, whether I voted or not all the others guilty of apathy would still not vote, so what difference would my one vote make. I finally decide to go at 4.30, I had also decided who I was going to vote for and why. I put on a jacket, grabbed my phone and Identity document and could not find my car keys. Chad had them -  that was a sign I should not vote. They brought my keys home, but I decided I am not voting. I had been checking my twitter feed the whole day and it was mostly negative - long queues, not organised and and and. I was not up for that. I checked at around 5.15 and someone tweeted that our polling station was quick and painless. I have voted every single time, since the 1992 referendum and just decided that it would not be right if I did not vote in this election and be a part of it. So yes I did vote.

I had to quickly take off my very dark blue/almost black nail polish, it probably would not have mattered, but I did not want to have to deal with a problem, because of nail polish. Our voting station is at our local high school and within walking distance, but I wasn't in the mood for walking. It is about 2 minutes away by car and probably takes longer to organize the dogs and lock up and pull out the drive-way than it is to drive to the school. I still was not sure about voting and the deciding factor would be the queues. There were none - I found parking easily and parked my car at exactly 17h36. I walked to the school, joined the queue. The officials were so friendly. The two young guys outside giving out the white stickers were friendly to the point of greeting us by our names, as they took our Identity books. The young man checking our names on the list had a quick two minute chat to me, that he was getting so tired, he was up at 3 am and had been at the voting station at 5 am. He was not complaining, just a quick 2 minute chat whilst checking my name. He was also so upbeat and friendly. The lady doing the identity mark on our hands had a smile and second glance at my photo in my ID Book and another 2 second chat about how young I was in the photo - 22 May 1998 my ID book was issued. The two giving out the ballot papers were not overly friendly, but were polite. All the officials outside helping and directing everyone were all exceptionally friendly and upbeat. So thank you IEC Officials for making the process easy and stress free and having such friendly officials. I was back in my car at 17h48.

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