Thursday, 8 May 2014

Some Thursday Awesomeness.

So following on with my new weekly "Thursday Thoughts" posts - I never posted last week, because it was a holiday. Oh my gosh April galloped by and seems like May is going by even faster. It certainly does not feel like it was a week ago. Well today we certainly need some motivation to get through the day. I hate Thursdays and don't ask me why, I just do and today is a Monday too, after Election day yesterday. All these holidays are just throwing us out of sync - totally.

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I have spent so much time experimenting on Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 and am loving it and my recent posts are testament to my experiments, as is this post. In this post  about my Four year blog anniversary, I mentioned that I had found some new blogs to follow, which have made me want to make changes to my blog. This is not to say that the other blogs I follow are not awesome and inspiring - they are, I would not follow them if they were not awesome. I follow a variety of different blogs for different reasons and for my daily dose of awesomeness I follow Momma's Gone City on Intsagram and on her blog. If you have Instagram and don't follow her already, then you have to follow her. It is the most beautiful story/photos of a rescue dog and a little toddler. The photos are just so sweet and exude peace; love tranquility and innocence. Something that we need a lot more of in this world of ours. For animal lovers and rescue organisations this is just the tale of the decade. It is a story that teaches people, including myself who has never had a rescue animal, that getting a pet from a shelter can be the best thing you have ever done. Sshhh don't tell our pets what I have just said. It is just such an inspiring story and blog.

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If you are looking for blogging tips and ideas then Fat Mum Slim is the blog for that - another inspiring blogger and blog. Also the founder of Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge. I have spent ages looking on Etsy for blog designs thanks to these tips from the Fat Mum Slim blog. I never knew that you could buy blog templates on Etsy, but there is some amazing stuff on Etsy. I asked Chad's opinion on changing my blog the other day and boys or at least my boy is not that forthcoming with opinions of blog designs, but he did give an opinion and said I must keep my blog the way it is and that the water and sunset is so much better than some design. Thanks Chad - That photo in my header is from when we were in Cape Town in 2009. I still look on Etsy though and still plan on making changes, but not totally, as I do value Chad's opinion.

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Last but not least, if you are looking for a widget for your blog for your Instagram pictures, you have to try Snap Widget. It is an awesome widget and the support is outstanding. I will be doing a post on Snap Widget and why I think they are outstanding in a couple of days. I am just a bit rushed now to do the post justice, but go try it out anyway. Click here for link.

Have an inspired Thursday

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