Friday, 16 May 2014

Stolen Sleep

Last night was the first time in absolutely forever that we were all in bed AND ASLEEP before 9.30 pm. We were dead beat and tired and it was the first time in a very very long time that I fell asleep as my head hit the pillow - I was that tired. Something woke me up from my deep deep sleep, it felt like I had been sleeping for hours. Seconds later our landline started ringing. The incessant ringing in the dead of the night could only mean bad news - no one phones on our landline, we never use it and only have it, because we have had it forever and it is really there for emergencies. I was too tired to get up and answer it and figured that if it was an emergency, the emergency did not involve Chad or Mark, so I turned around and tried to go back to sleep. Not even five minutes later the ringing started again. To get to the phone, means getting up, walking down the passage, which is not long at all, but in the middle of the night when you are half asleep after having been rudely awoken, the passage is verrrry long. The alarm needs to be switched off, the security gate unlocked and the rest of the walk in the dark to the phone. We don't have a cordless phone. I did get one after our last late night call a few months ago, but the dogs in their wild frenzy to get to Mark and Chad when they get home smashed the base set, so that was the end of the phones. So we don't have one in our room - that works.

Mark who had been snoring loudly two seconds before that, gets up and goes to the phone after the whole process of switching off the alarm, unlocking the gate and the phone stops, he waits awhile, but it does not ring again. I assumed it was one of his inconsiderate clients who believe he is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. I managed to fall asleep, but the whole night woke up and wondered if it was some emergency. I woke up at 4.45 am as I always do, checked if there were messages on our line and there were 3 on our landline (that is what woke me up - the first call that I did not hear) and 2 on my mobile from ADT Security. They received an alarm activation at our business premises. Phoning more than 5 times and leaving messages about a security issue!!!! It was 10.30pm - it felt like much later but it goes to show how tired and exhausted we were. They also left I don't know how many messages on Mark's mobile. Mark showered and went to check if there was a problem at work at about 6.15 - nothing. No note that ADT had been, no problem no nothing - just between 5 and 10  messages, on our phones.

Mark came back home, took Chad to school and I arrived at work at 7.10 and found ADT's call out slip on the door. They came out at 7 am, but phoned incessantly at 10.30 the night before. The security company, that we use at home, come out straight away if no one answers the phone when they receive an alarm activation. The only issue I have with our home security company is that they always say, Hello Mrs......, how are you , this is ..... from ......, we received an alarm activation at .............. Seriously, you are being robbed or held up and we have to first get the pleasantries out of the way, but at least they send a response car immediately, if the first call is not answered. They don't call ten times and still not come out. ADT know  should know that it is a business premises and that no one should be there at 10.30 pm - they ask for business hours on their pages and pages of application forms. Fortunately, it was a false alarm only. Mark made a huge mistake going with ADT, recommended by his Insurance Broker. When a company ties you up into a two year contract it should set off alarm bells - DON'T DO IT. What was the point of coming at 7 am - the alarm was not even going off, when I arrived at 7.10. We have had non stop problems with ADT, but are stuck with them, because of a two year contract - big mistake Mark.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Lets hope we get some sleep tonight - don't ever mess with me and my sleep. I am like my dogs - I love my sleep!!! I have been so lazy and lethargic at work today, thanks to my broken sleep. Thank you ADT.

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