Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Horrid Little Dog

Jingles is such a nervous shaky shivery dog. She is always shaking and shivering. When the temperatures dropped the other day, she shivered even more than normal, so I looked for a jersey to put on her. Our dogs think they are poodles and lapdogs, but lying on us or sitting on our laps is as far as the poodle in them goes. They don't wear jerseys. I always buy jerseys for them and they get pee'ed on or chewed up by each other or they drag behind them, so jerseys are now a thing of the past. I felt sorry for Jingles the other night, as she lay shivering next to me and I went to look for one of her jerseys. I found Pluto's World Cup T- Shirt that I bought for them during the 2010 World Cup Craze.

Jittery Jingles

She is such a horrid little dog, she attacks me and growls at me whilst I try and put the jersey on her. I have to cover her mouth with my gown so that she does not bite me and then slowly put the jersey on her. After the jersey is on she is happy and cuddles next to me. Just now I found her 2010 World Cup T-Shirt/Jersey and put it on her and she went crazy attacking me like a ferocious tiger - now she is cuddled next to me. She is the strangest dog. I read last year about a Jack Russell that bit off a child's ears. The dog always slept with the toddler and one morning just attacked the child. Jingles is crazy like that and can do some major damage. She has always been like that towards me and has bitten me a few times, when I bath her, cover her at night or pick her up, but she lies by me all the time. Weird little dog.

Calm Jingles

I have no idea why this dog is so Jittery, but as we all sit watching TV and drinking hot chocolate, she is now calm and fast asleep next to me. The ferocious tiger now tame.


Spike By His Daddy As Usual 

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