Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Thirsty Dog And The Matted Cat

I pride myself in ensuring that my animals have a far easier life than I do, so they don't have one water bowl, they have four scattered inside and outside the house. They have one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, one by their kennels (that they never sleep in) and one by the front door. So no matter where they are there is a water bowl for them. When Sheila was on leave a few weeks ago, my mornings became more hectic than normal. Miss Piggy and Pluto go in the bathroom and Spike and Jingles go outside. That is the only time the kennels are used, Jingles goes into the massive kennel that belonged to Rambo. When Sheila is here I leave them sleeping peacefully in the house.

The one morning our gardener was late and I had to come back and let him in. I open up the one branch and Mark the other, so I can't be late. I was very busy until about 8.45 and I was really angry with our gardener, because he knows I can't be late for work, yet he still comes late. Our dogs, except for Jingles, absolutely hate him and they have to be locked away when he is there. Although he has worked for us for much longer than Sheila has, they just don't like him and will bite him if they get to him. Our dogs always stay in the courtyard or the house with Sheila anyway. So I rush home and put Spike and Jingles in the courtyard and leave Piggy and Pluto in the bathroom and I was going to leave the backdoor open and just leave the kitchen door closed, but as I was doing that Garfield ran into the kitchen and I thought, well I can't do that, because how would she get her food.

This Is Me Trying To Get Piggy To Come Out The Bathroom

So I rush off and leave the office door open with Jingles and Spike's beds in the office, this is at 9 am. At about 11, Mark goes home and comes back to tell me that I never left any water for Spike and he was so thirsty. Jingles can get through the bars in the gate and is the only one that runs around the garden all day. The others sleep all the time. I felt terrible about Spike not having water and Mark went on and on and on about how thirsty he was and how much water he drank. When I really thought about it, it was only two hours and he was not running around, just sleeping in the cool office. Even now as I type this, the dogs have been with me since 8 am in the lounge and 3 hours later they have not had any water to drink. I just feel bad, because Spike did not have access to water when he may have wanted water. I have now bought two more water bowls - one stays permanently in the courtyard and one stays on the patio by the pool area. I will not make that mistake again.

My Kitty Cat Getting So Old
The other night I was lying on my bed and Garfield came and lay next to me - on a packet. She has a thing about packets and if there is a packet lying around she will lie on it. I sat watching her and she is getting so old and I noticed that her coat is matted. I have hardly ever brushed her and her coat has been fine. I try brushing her, but she always attacks me, but I have to try and get the mats out. I feel as though I have been neglecting my animals lately. Garfield is 16 years old and only now has her fur become matted and I have no idea why. She is also not the type of cat that sits grooming herself all the time. In fact I have never seen her groom herself, but now she is full of matted fur - not full but around her hind legs.

Constant Companions 
Since I have stopped the dogs from sleeping on our beds, I have not been so pedantic about bathing them and they are way overdue for a good bath. I was planning on bathing them today and baking biscuits for them, but woke up to such a cold and miserable day and whilst Chad and Mark were sleeping I started fixing the mess I made of my blog yesterday, but have just made a bigger mess of it. I have wasted another morning and I think it may be a bit too cold to bath them. Especially Pluto, because he is getting so old. Garfield is older than him, she is 16 and he is only turning 14 in November, but Clint's death really hit Pluto hard and just like I aged over night, so did Pluto. Then Rambo died a year later and Rambo and Pluto were the best of friends. Now he has Miss Piggy and it is so sweet how the two of them are always together. Pluto has such a calming effect on her. Every morning I get up and start the washing, pack the dishwasher, have coffee and the dogs sit by me and I feed them biscuits, I go to shower and then Piggy and Pluto go to Spike's bed and cuddle up together and sleep. At night, Piggy sleeps by Chad then comes to Pluto during the night and some mornings I wake up and she is lying right on top of Pluto, but he does not mind he just sleeps.

Look At The Paw
This is how they sleep every morning, whilst I fall over them to plug in my hairdryer. They are nine years apart. She will be 5 in November and he will be 14 in November, yet they are constant companions and it is really strange how the youngest and oldest became attached to each other and it was from day one, which was why when we got Piggy and we went out we put Pluto in the bathroom with Piggy. He would never have stayed in the bathroom by himself or with the other dogs. They both know when I have my handbag and their beds are in the bathroom, they rush to the bathroom, because they know we are going out.

Sleeping Baby

I don't really neglect my animals, just one slip up with water once, in case the animal police read this and think I am a cruel animal owner. Four hours and counting and none of them have had any water to drink this morning and they have access to all 6 bowls of fresh water. I keep telling that to Mark, because he really made me feel bad about forgetting to give Spike water that day and I live my life with what ifs - like what if he never went home two hours later or what if I wasn't planning on going home later .... what if what if what if.....

Now I am off to shower, then go to the shops to buy ingredients for doggy biscuits

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