Sunday, 18 May 2014

What A Waste Of A Day

Boredom is the cause of many regrets and mistakes. I have been on about changing my blog for weeks now. I was very dissatisfied with it and the dissatisfaction is really a reflection of my life. I am dissatisfied with every bit of my life. I am in a rut that I do not want to get out of, I hate my job, I hate my life and I hate myself. Not very pleasant am I? You can be very busy and stressed, but still very bored.  Well I took it out on my blog and wanted to brighten it up. I asked Chad for his opinion and did not expect an opinion, because he is not really interested in my blog, but does humour me from time to time and his opinion was that I must leave it the way it was and not get a fancy funky design.

I was still hellbent on making changes and today was the day those changes were going to be made. I wasn't changing the header or main template just making some changes. Deep down I knew it was not going to work out well, so I wrote down - yes with pen and paper, every colour code and font and measurement and started making the changes. I am such a technophobe idiot at times, most times, I never backed up my blog. A few months ago I was reading a post about backing up blogs and I thought why would you need to backup your blog. OK, I now know. Well I really messed up and even with the colour codes, I cannot get my blog back to what it was. Chad walked past just now and said "Let me see what your blog looks like now ...... Oh NO!!! mom you have really messed up your blog, can't you just not save it" Nope I couldn't just save it, because I had applied each change I made.

Google Chrome crashed during the attempt to jazz up my blog, now my laptop has crashed. my keyboard no longer works and my brain has frozen so I cannot think of how to fix my keyboard. I know it is easy, I just can't think right now. I have been at this "blog changing" all day and it is now 8.30 pm. My keyboard then laptop crashed when I was loading the image above. l am now typing this on my Galaxy Tab and if you have ever typed a blog post on a Galaxy Tab with the Blogger app then you will know that it is not easy or I am just a techno-idiot of note. I unpublished my blog, because I screwed it up so badly, so who knows if I will ever get it published again this weekend, if I don't get my laptop sorted.

Frustratingly yours

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