Sunday, 25 May 2014

Yesterday Today And Tomorrow

I am not in a very Sunshiny mood today. I am tired, my eyes are burning and I think I need to go back to bed. Mark and Chad have gone to Tarlton Raceway today and I think my plans are going to change to catching up on some sleep.

Garfield; Miss Piggy & Spike Trying To Find A Spot Of Autumn Sun 

Chad was meant to go to school yesterday for a compulsory workshop, but at the last minute they miraculously caught up their work and the workshop was cancelled.( Insert here - teacher decided going to school on a Winter Saturday morning was not a good idea). I am not complaining, because going to school from 9 to 2 on a Saturday is just cause for a disastrous week ahead. I have got to the stage that I am so over that school. If I think back I felt the same when Clint went there, except Clint loved the school and that was more to do with the kids that went there than anything else and when he died I just got so caught up in his happy memories and I forgot about all the negativity. Like the fact that he had to go to extra maths, because he did not understand maths when the school teachers taught him, but understood the extra maths teacher. It also had nothing to do with the amount of children in the class, because there were less children in his school class than there were in his extra maths class. It also had nothing to do with peer pressure or friend distraction, because his friends went to the same extra maths teacher .

The whole "tone" in the newsletters is just starting to irritate me to. I know that it is first and foremost a business; ethos and education trail very far below on the list, but the tone of "you need us more than we need you" is becoming more and more pronounced than previously and what they seem to forget is that there is a small private school on every second corner these days that may be less of a business and more of a source of good education than the next - or vice-versa. It is not like before when affordable education was only at overcrowded Public Schools not that their school fees are even that affordable anymore. I don't know why we sent Chad to the school, one of the reasons was because they never went on school camps, but now they do and the camps are compulsory. I have never believed in school camps, not even when I went to school. Clint didn't like them either and Chad is neither here nor there about them, but is not overly excited about camps. There are a lot of children that do not like going on camps so making it compulsory in my eyes is NOT nurturing or respecting each child's individuality. I won't be signing the indemnity form, because it is compulsory for the children to go, therefore I will not indemnify the school against anything that may happen whilst my child is on a compulsory outing.

Chad also has a teacher that really annoys me on a different level. She is always going on about him wearing his glasses. Chad has not worn glasses for years, he passed his eye test when he booked for his learners license, but this women has it in her head that he wore glasses last year. She had my email and phone number on speed dial until I realized that she is like a troll, if you keep feeding the troll, it will continue to come back for more. Now when she emails or sends text messages I just ignore them so she can go away. It is not the adult thing to do and it is not the thing to do with your child's education, but I am the type of person who thinks after they speak and I will end up telling her to worry about her daughter who also goes to the school and stands smoking on the pavement in full view of the parents waiting to fetch their children from school. It is against the school rules to smoke by the school - so worry about that first and I will worry about whether my child needs to wear glasses or not. I now know why Clint's friend and his parents had an issue at the school - they had the same troll that was behind their issues with the school and it is enough to want your child to just drop out of school.

Garfield  Hiding In The Chimney Of The Braai

On a more pleasant note, I took off my blurry rose tinted specs and opened my mind to what my eyes were seeing and noticed that Clint's garden was being over run by reeds (I think they are called reeds). Even the Strelitzia was being strangled and I asked Rabie to cut them back on Tuesday and I forgot all about it and on Friday he asked if I had seen what he had done and if it looks OK, I was rushing back to work and said I would check on Saturday.  The garden looks so much better. I need to buy seedlings to fill up the gaps and I might go today to buy them. The seeds I planted and mentioned in this post over here never grew - why am I not surprised. I should have given them to Rabie to plant. That guy drives me to total distraction, but he is really good at gardening. He is not just someone who works in a garden, because jobs are scarce and that is what unskilled people do in our country, he is a self taught gardener and he knows he is good at his job, which is why he buggers around and comes late and goes off on extended trips home and drives me batty. Now at least my Yesterday Today and Tomorrows can breathe and have a place in the garden. Clint's favourite plant when he was little.

Now for the rest of the day I may just be like Garfield and make myself small and unobtrusive and hide away from the world, but not under the chimney of the braai like she did, but in the warmth and comfort of my bed. I am guessing she went up there, because it is warm and sunny and the dog's can't steal or try and share her sun and bother her.

The plan was to bath the dogs -  yesterday would have been a better day, because it was warmer, but bathing dogs is kind of a Sunday thing. Then clean the budgie cages; maybe fix up my blog or sleep. Sleep tops them all. Today has been a real "give me the coffee and no one will get hurt" kinda day so I am buzzing on a coffee high and although my eyes pain they are so tired, I don't know why, because I never went to bed that late, after all the coffee I have had this morning I don't think I will fall asleep.

Have yourself a wonderful Sunday...

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