Monday, 23 June 2014

Durban At Night

I woke up with a fright - it was dark and icy cold in the hotel room. I jumped up and wondered where Chad and Mark were - I thought it was the middle of the night. I grabbed my phone and it was only 17h30. I had left the aircon on the lowest setting and had a good sound sleep until it got just too cold in the room. I made myself a cup of tea from the complimentary sachets left in the room and then sat at the desk, laptop open looking out at the night; listening to the early evening sounds. Cars are racing up and down the beach front; ninety's music filters through the open window; the smell of cigarette and hubbly smoke permeates the air. How I wish I could just have one cigarette as I look down at the hubbub downstairs. My smoke and their smoke meet and mingle as I watch the comings and goings of strangers in the night. I pull myself out of that wistful reverie, sit down and start updating my blog.

The Queue 
I get a Whatsapp message from Mark - they are still in the queue to get into the festival. Oh My Word - I slept for hours and they are still in the queue to get into the show. Turns out that they had been walking around looking at the exhibits and the queue they were in was for the actual show with Jeremy Clarkson and Co.

These pictures Mark took speak for themselves, the show was packed.

After the frustratingly long queues they had a really good time at the show.

The outside night life quietened down to an almost eerie silence. Chad sent a message to let me know the show was over and they were on their way out the stadium about to find a taxi to bring them back to the hotel. The battled to find a taxi and walked to the closest hotel, hopped into a taxi and arrived at the hotel at around 9.15 pm. The show was totally worth it, the queues and all. They say this stadium and show was so much better and more organised than the Nitro Circus show at the FNB Stadium.

We then took a walk up to the Ocean Basket for a late dinner. We were just in time as they close at 10 pm. You would think that they would open later when there is a big festival in town. We were not even the last to arrive, quite a few people came in after us. We were told the kitchen closed at 10 pm sharp so we had to order quickly, but could then take our time to eat. The food was good though. I had the Pick Of The Ocean; Chad had a Platter For One and Mark had Three Way Calamari. We don't even need a menu at Ocean Basket, we have the same food all the time.

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