Monday, 23 June 2014

Good Bye Durban - We Will Be Back

As I type this at 6.30 pm, we are back home and it is freezing cold. The ocean and warmth a comforting memory. What a privilege to wake up to this every morning.

We reluctantly packed up, put our luggage in the car and went to breakfast. The queue outside the breakfast room was crazy long and we all agreed that we would rather get food along the way. We went to check out and what a difference to checking in. The lady who assisted us with the check out asked if we had breakfast, Mark said no we are going to rather leave early. She told us to go to the breakfast room and ask for three breakfast packs whilst Mark checks out. Walking past a long line of people waiting for seats is very uncomfortable and Chad and I just left it. The receptionist asked why we did not get the packs and next thing she is calling a staff member to go get us three breakfast packs. So different to our check in experience. One of the kitchen staff brought these packs to us.

Breakfast Pack
I was so impressed. The packs each had a breakfast bar; a Yogurt; two croissants (I got to have my croissant after all) one sweet and one with ham and cheese; a muffin; a Ceres juice; a fruit salad and an apple. All was really forgiven after our less than wonderful experience when checking in. It honestly was a lovely stay at the hotel and we will go back and stay there again.

This is the first time ever that we have not stopped for food both on the way down and on the way back. Going down I had made chicken rolls. Chad was gobsmacked, because we always stop and buy food. I had taken out a chicken to defrost on Thursday morning to prepare for Friday, not knowing that we would be going away for the weekend. I roasted the chicken on Friday morning and made chicken mayo rolls for out trip. Coming home our breakfast packs kept us fueled and other than stopping to buy biltong; cold drinks and an ice cream each on the way back we didn't stop and buy the usual Steers or Nandos. It was not missed going down or coming back. The trip back was not totally uneventful. Plenty of Ferrari's; BMW's and other sports cars that where at the Festival on Saturday were all on their way back to Joburg. A whole convoy going back.

Other than being with our animals, I really wish we did not have to come back to this cold place. Shame my poor cat really misses us. She was crying and crying and although Sheila had fed her, I gave her food to Jingles and gave her more food. I tried to hold her - she hates that and then I had to just ignore her cries. I then started unpacking, because I could not find my USB Cable for my camera. I emptied bags and cases and left them lying all over my room and then found my USB cable. As I sat uploading the rest of my photos, Garfield climbed into the bag on the bed, snuggled real low down and then fell asleep for almost an hour. The crying over!! She always climbs into one of our bags or suitcases when we come back from a holiday or weekend away. It seems to comfort her and assures her that we are home

To think that this time last night I had a Summer top on with the windows wide open and now I am freezing with heaters and electric blankets. Thank you Durban and Garden Court Marine Parade for a wonderful warm weekend.

Here are some pictures of when Chad and I stayed at the Southern Sun North Beach in September 2010.

It Rained On The First Day

And Then It Warmed Up

Ocean Basket Meals

Present Chad Bought Mark

Another Present
I must say Durban was so much cleaner now than in 2010. We did not see any litter lying in the streets and it just looked so much better thus time around.

All my posts about Durban were done at some stage of this weekend. This post done on Sunday, but all posts were scheduled to be published on Monday, otherwise I publish posts and leave gaps in them or don't publish at all like our previous weekend away.

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