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How to Conquer Hardened Sweat Stains On Your Clothes - DIY Tips Brought To You By Vanish

I  am a bit OCD when it comes to washing hands and washing clothes. If I could, I would do all our washing on a wash cycle of 60 degrees or higher, but then I would end up buying more clothes than washing clothes. Even if our laundry is not very dirty or stained I just don't believe that cold water gets rid of germs that we pick up on our clothes. It is what we can't see with the naked eye that triggers my OCD and most clothing can only be washed on a gentle cycle of 30 degrees or lower.

A Little Help From A Friend

All Chad's gym shorts and T-Shirts can only be washed in water 30 degrees or lower and on a gentle cycle. It is crazy that clothing that is used for an activity that will make you sweat, that MUST make you sweat or else you are wasting your time, is made from a material that is not hardy when it comes to getting it clean. It is a catch 22 situation, because you cannot exercise or do sport in clothing made from thick heavy durable material.  As crazy as it is, it is what it is and to make my slight OCD happy, I get help from Vanish. I use the powder in the soap dispenser and the liquid on stubborn stains or visible marks. By adding Vanish to my wash load I know that our laundry comes out the machine not only stain free and clean, but most definitely germ free too.

Fusion Shorts and Maxed Vest

This post was sponsored by Vanish, but all words and opinions are my own. Below are some very handy tips from Vanish to conquer sweat stains on your clothes.

How to Conquer Hardened Sweat Stains on Your Clothes - DIY Tips 

Few things are as irritating as finding your favourite t-shit or your collared shirt with clumps of hardened, smelly sweat stains underneath your armpits; it’s just a plain nightmare to say the least. Well you’re not on your own on that problem, so we've found the solution of how to remove them.

The Main Cause of Underarm Sweat Stains on Your Clothing 

When anti-perspiring ingredients mix with the natural salts in your sweat it causes these troublesome sweat stains. The key ingredient that causes this issue in most deodorants is an aluminium compound, it’s intended to reduce moisture, but is the main culprit that causes the yellowing of clothing and subsequent hardening. These stains fortunately do not appear instantaneously, rather over extended periods of repeated use of the garment. 

For your convenience we have put together a list of DIY solutions that will aid you in your continuous battle against these tough unappealing stains, and believe me, they really work! 

Hardened Underarm Sweat Stain Removal Tips 

1. Sprinkle a small amount of meat tenderiser on the stain after you dampen it before you wash the item.
2. Crush two aspirins and mix with half a cup of warm water. Soak the stain in this solution for two to three hours before washing.
3. Combine dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide, then scrub the mixture into the stain and allow it to sit for an hour. Wash the item as usual.
4. Mix four teaspoons of salt into 250ml of hot water, sponge the mixture onto the clothing to remove those horrible yellow stains.
5. Lemon juice and water is another great method to remove stubborn yellow stains. Mix equal parts of lemon juice and water and scrub the stain.
6. Yellow stains are no match for vinegar. Pour some vinegar onto the stain and rub gently before placing the item into the wash.
7. Make a potent paste with baking soda and water, place the paste on the stain and allow drying before washing.
8. Use a watered down solution of ammonia to remove any stain. The king of all stain removers.
9. As a consistent precaution to avoid these stains from developing, give your deodorant about 30 minutes to dry up before putting on your shirt.
10. Use a stain removal solution like Vanish Liquid, which you apply directly on to the stain, wait 5 minutes and then wash the item as normal; also consider soaking your garment for about an hour in the solution if the stain proves to be resilient.

These tips are brought to you by Vanish, read more helpful stain removal tips on their website

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