Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Lone Ranger Meets Bobby On The Beat

In January when I went for physio for my back, the physiotherapist told me not to wear heels anymore. I don't like flat shoes, but no longer wear high stilettos.  In fact its hard to believe how I could wear very high pointy toed stilettos (eighties fashion) and run for the bus or walk to the bus stop and not just a block or two, but quite a distance and everyday, morning and afternoon and go shopping all in high heels. Now I can't and I look at women in high heels and wonder how they do it, until I remember I could also do it once upon a time.

When the physio told me not to wear high shoes anymore, the shoes that I had on were not even high, just casual slip on sandals with a bit of a heel, that I do not think of as high shoes. I have noticed that my back really aches when I do them, so she was right. Before we went away last month, I went to buy some flat boots as I only have high black wedge boots and was not going to walk around sightseeing in Graskop with high boots.

I saw some boots at Truworths that I liked when I was buying Chad clothes from Truworths Man, in the same store, so I went there to buy the boots. I reluctantly ignored the high boots and boots with small heels and I bought a pair of flat boots. I saw a black jacket that I liked and bought that too.

Lone Ranger Boots

Side View

I was so disappointed when I wore the boots that weekend and had a good look at them. For one I don't really like round fronted boots and they looked like horse riding boots coupled with the jacket and I really looked like Lone Ranger meets Bobby on the Beat.

Bobby On Beat Jacket

Turns out we did not do the whole Graskop tourist attraction thing, so did not need the boots, but I am so glad I bought both the jacket and the boots. The boots are so comfortable, I don't think I own a pair of more comfortable shoes, not even my New Balance Walking shoes. Very flat shoes/boots can also be very uncomfortable, so these are surprisingly comfy. The jacket is also so warm without that heavy uncomfortable feel to it. I have been saying that I hardly feel the cold since giving up smoking - it has nothing to do with smoking and more to do with the fact that it really has not been cold at all. ..... until Thursday. The wind started to build momentum as it blew the cold in from the Cape - Thanks Cape Town and Friday morning the cold hit with full force. Friday I wore a big bulky warm jacket, it was so cold, yesterday the jacket I wore did not keep me warm and today I wore my Bobby On The Beat Jacket, as I call it and with a long sleeved top it really kept me warm without being uncomfortable and over layered. The only fault with the jacket is that it attracts hair and fluff like a dehydrated sponge sucks up water. I have washed it using Comfort Fabric Softener, but that doesn't help either.

Well I guess you can't have it all. I just make sure that I take the jacket off as soon as I get home so that I don't get covered in dog and cat hair. Both the jacket and boots were worth buying even though I felt like Lone Ranger Meets Bobby On The Beat

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