Monday, 23 June 2014

Lost In The City

I have forgotten how awesome it is in Durban and I would so trade life in the suburbs of Johannesburg for a city life in Durban. People must think I am crazy, but I could definitely see myself living in a high rise apartment along Durban's Golden Mile. Lost in the chaos of city life, burrowed in anonymity. Chad and Mark left for Ballito and I went up to the hotel room, opened the widow, sat at the desk and opened my laptop to start blogging about our weekend. All posts are scheduled for Monday, so that I can finish writing about the whole weekend, otherwise I just leave it for months and months and never end up posting about weekends away and other things that we do. This is what I looked out on as I typed away.

As I sat in our hotel room with no TV or radio playing, all I could hear was the sound of the ocean, my fingers tapping on the keyboard and the sounds of Durban daytime life. The noise of the hustle and bustle of life below became white noise and not the distracting noise that it would have been anywhere else. I could imagine how motivating and inspiring it would be for a writer or even a full time blogger to sit here and type away. I could so live this life.

I have had this overwhelming urge to light a cigarette and stare out the window and just smoke and smoke and smoke. I have since realized that the air is just so full of cigarette smoke down below that it has wafted up to the open window of the 11th floor hotel room and without consciously smelling it, I can subconsciously. When Mark and Chad came back from Ballito, we went down to the beachfront to have a cold drink and they went on the dodgem cars.

From the 11th floor of a hotel room, you kind of block out the ugliness of life in Durban. The beggars and street vendors that harass you for money or to buy their wares. I am not talking about the stalls along the beachfront, but the guys that hawk up and down selling junk and shoving it in your face. The homeless and layabouts who lie around in their drunken drugged up stupor. You don't see all of that from high above. The badly run fun fair. We went to one kiosk to buy cold drinks and she had no change. She had just opened so she had no change - ever heard of a float??? She then sent us on a wild goose chase to find the kiosk at the dodgem cars; hence the decision to go on the dodgems. We were also told we would get ice creams there. We were met by a woman who had no interest in assisting us or anyone else, the kiosk had not seen a lick of water let alone soap and at least a surface clean in years. Granted it is just a random middle of the month weekend in June, but even so, the Fun Fair was like a ghost town. One lost person on a ride; creaking and groaning; around and around. A better run place that looked less dreary and drab would attract a lot more people. The only busy place was the dodgems, which at R20.00 a car was not too bad.

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