Monday, 23 June 2014

The Roar Of The Sea .......... And All Is Forgiven

Mark woke up early and opened the window and curtains and I woke up to the sound of the sea. As I looked up and across the hotel room, I could see the sun rising over the ocean and the warmth that was lacking in the welcoming the night before disappeared along with the other frustrations and all was forgiven, because the view from the hotel window made up for everything that they had gotten wrong.

What I would do to wake up to this view everyday. I have had this yearning to move down to the Cape for awhile now - to move to a small little town somewhere in the Cape, with the sea and the mountain and the Cape atmosphere - no more!!!. At home and in the Cape it is freezing cold and here in Durban we wake up and see surfers surfing before 7 am - no mountain can beat that. As the sun rose higher and higher, we sat looking out the window, mesmerized by the beauty surrounding us.

How beautiful is that sunrise. We even saw someone getting baptized in the sea. Imagine that happening in Johannesburg at 7 am in June. If Durban had nothing else, but warm Winters it would win in my eyes over any other city.

We reluctantly left our view to shower and get dressed to go down to breakfast. After our disappointment of not having milkshakes last night, I went to bath and had a lovely hot relaxing bath. The hotel did not have a proper shower, only a shower over the bath so I was expecting my shower this morning to be awful. Mark also had a moan last night about there not being a proper shower. He showered first in the morning and said that was the best shower ever. I thought he was just saying it to motivate Chad and I to get moving, but it was the best shower ever. The water flow was strong and the temperature just right. Mark and Chad went for a drive whilst I showered and did my hair and where the shower impressed me, the plug points disappointed. Whenever we go away, we end up staying in place that does not have a plug point near a mirror. Am I the only person or woman that needs to dry her hair in front of a mirror? The hotel room has plenty of plug points and besides the mirror in the bathroom, it has two mirrors in the room, but neither are near a plug point. It is so frustrating and I am sure I am not the only person who finds this a bit annoying. Standing looking out at the ocean, whilst drying my hair calmed me down and washed away the frustrations of not having a mirror to stand in front of whilst drying and straightening my hair. I need to move to the ocean to lower my stress levels.

Chad's Most Prized Possessions - Lemon creams; Head Phones & Ferrari Shoes

As I packed away our stuff before going down to breakfast, I opened the safe to put my laptop and Galaxy tab away, I saw Chad's Ferrari shoes; his headphones and a packet of Lemon Cream Biscuits in the safe. His most prized possessions - no one was stealing his biscuits :). He was disappointed to discover that they were Lemon Creams and not the Tennis Biscuits that he thought he had brought with.

We went down to breakfast and where the Dinner staff from the night before were almost sombre, the morning staff were bright and cheerful and so welcoming - real Southern Sun welcome. The restaurant was full, but we did not have to wait to be seated. Again the breakfast was a buffet to be proud of and it was included in the accommodation fee. The only hiccup was the queue to get eggs and of course Southern Sun's halaal policy, whereby you cannot have ham or bacon as a filling for your omelette only as a side dish. They offer only tomato; onions; mushroom and chicken as a filling. Who eats chicken in an omelette?? Oh and of course the obligatory cheese that makes an omelette an omelette.  As much as I respect others beliefs and cultures, I just think they should accommodate other paying guests who are in the majority anyway. Other than the somewhat unorganized egg/omelette queue the breakfast was amazing. There was from cereals and fruit and yogurt to crumpets; sausages; bacon; haddock; egg of your choice; a full continental spread. Once again, there is no way you can eat everything on offer. It is just far too much even to drool over what you cannot manage to eat. I so wanted a croissant, but having an egg and bacon and sausage and toast and a small piece of haddock was too much. In no way was I paid to write this, it is my personal opinion of a good buffet breakfast.

Again we left with bellies far fuller than they should have been. Time spent in the long egg queue resulted in me only having one cup of coffee for the day, which is such a shame as having a second cup would have just perfected the breakfast. Room service is only available after 13h00 hours, which I also think is a bit stupid, so I could not even order a cup of coffee in the morning and the complimentary two sachets of coffee in the room just does not make for a good morning cup of coffee. After breakfast Chad and Mark went to Ballito to see friends and family. I stayed at the hotel. I wasn't into the whole driving topless on the highway thing - topless as in the car being topless not them driving without shirts on.

I saw them off and then went up to the hotel room. I was under the impression that the Top Gear Festival was a full day (it is) event, but Chad and Mark were not planning to do the whole day event, they were just going for the show in the evening. I had planned to spend the day on my own anyway.

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