Monday, 23 June 2014

Unplanned Plans Are The Best Plans

Mark is spontaneous - I am planned and that sometimes clashes. After all these years, I still don't know why I like plans, because they never work out anyway. This weekend is turning out to be proof that spontaneity is the best plan ever.

Whether you watch Top Gear on television or not, you would have to be both blind and deaf and live a hermit's life without owning either a TV or Radio and never venture out of your secluded and isolated hut to not know that the Top Gear Festival will be in Durban soon. Well in our house Top Gear is on whether it is scheduled to be on or not. Chad is a Jeremy Clarkson fan of note and watches reruns of repeated reruns and PVR's reruns of reruns of repeats of Top Gear. To say I am not a fan of the show is an understatement, but at times if I am sitting in the lounge I just watch and do find it entertaining and funny at times. Chad is the fan of the century and Mark likes it too.

Top Gear is coming to Durban, everyone knows that, even I do - we just did not know when. I thought it was on already, Chad was not sure - OK I said he was a fan of the show and of Jeremy Clarkson, not a fan of times and dates of shows and festivals. Mark thought it was in July sometime. This was on Wednesday night and he told me to try and book us tickets.

On Thursday morning I forgot all about it and as the morning progressed and I became bored and frustrated at work. I was tired and did not feel like working and I remembered that Mark wanted me to check when the Top Gear Festival was showing. It was this weekend, so once again procrastination and indecision was the cause of us missing out.

I told Mark that it was on Saturday and Sunday and surprisingly enough he said try and book we can go tomorrow. Business ALWAYS comes first with Mark and he doesn't like taking off, but we have been having a rather stressful time at work lately and I think he is as fed up as what I am. We also have not had a proper break from work for a long time. We never closed in December other than the official holidays and it wears you down eventually. I also think he thought we would not get tickets.

The basic tickets were sold out, but we could get Standard Tickets at R499.00 each. I thought it was a bit steep, but Chad has wanted to go to the show for years and when it was in Johannesburg a few years ago, they as usual left it until too late and the show was sold out. I decided I would not go to the show. I would get bored anyway. Mark asked if I was really sure, what would I do, do I really not want to go. I told him that I was more than sure and I would practice my photography and sit in the hotel and relax and read all my Capture Your 365 emails  that I never have the time to read, so that I can improve my photography so that I can become an amateur photographer and not someone who just takes photos.

We managed to get accommodation at the Tsogo Sun Garden Court Marine Parade. We went to work until 12, I went home packed, Mark came home at about 12.45 and we left for Durban. Chad is busy doing exams and he was not writing on Thursday and Friday so he was off from school and he writes LO (Life Orientation) on Monday so it all worked out out very well.

Chad Trying To Get My Suitcase In The BMW

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