Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Wordpress Or Blogger

 I mentioned in this post and this post that my blog needs a change. In this post I said that I spent loads of time on Etsy looking for new designs for my blog, but then changed my mind when Chad said that he liked my Sunset Image and I mustn't change it. Well I ended up anyway, buying Social Media Icons for my blog from this Etsy Shop. They cost about R60.00 when you convert it to rands and it may seem like a lot of money for a widget for a blog, but if you consider that I spent more than that on cigarettes a day, then it is not really a lot of money. I smoked Dunhill Fine Cut Black and they ranged from R33.00 to as much as R38.00 a pack depending on where I bought them. On average they were R35.00 and I smoked two packs a day, so looking at it like that, it is not that expensive.

Once I had bought them, I had no idea how to add them to my blog. Nothing that I tried worked, but I had seen similar Icons on plenty of blogs and knew they had to work. That was until I realised that they were all Wordpress blogs. It seems like EVERYONE  was changing their blogs this year and the trend seems to be to give up blogger as a blogging platform and move over to Wordpress. I have been toying with the idea since the beginning of May when I bought the Icons to move over to Wordpress.

When we moved our company website over to Afrihost, I was given a gift - registering a domain for free. I registered Chad Life Us as a domain, but it is redirected from It is still powered by blogger and blogger is still the platform I use for blogging. We also get free web builder software and I was toying with the idea of building a whole new blog so that I could use my new Icons on my blog.

Over the weekend I did a final search on Google to try and find out how to add the Icons to my blog and the plan was to move over to Wordpress if I could not find a tutorial that worked. I found a few blogs that had tutorials and the best was this one. I used her tutorial as the base and added bits of info from other blogs and finally got the Icons perfectly placed, just where I wanted them and it was actually very easy. Sometimes my brain just takes awhile or a couple of months to work.

Screen Shot Of Social Media Icons

I cannot remember why I bought peach icons or maybe I was having a colour blind day that day and thought my blog was peach. The peach did not blend very well, so I ended up changing all the colours of my template. I also moved my blog to a new Gmail account, everything worked perfectly  almost perfectly. I think that there may be a problem with my feedburner, so if you had previously signed up to receive my posts via email or RSS feeds (thank you for doing that) and you no longer receive them, I really do apologize, I did not delete you from the subscription list intentionally and as far as I am aware transferred everything over. I really appreciate you reading my blog and would be grateful if you could sign up again if your email address did not move over. Or you can follow me on bloglovin, by clicking on the follow me button at the bottom of this post or on the Social Media Icons at the top of my sidebar.

Blog Buttons

And in true Dianne style, I got carried away and made some blog buttons. During my search to find out how to add Social Media Icons, I found some tutorials on how to make blog buttons. Out of pure curiosity to see if I could make them, I made three. I used this blog and this blog as a guideline and by combining the info I managed to create some badges. If you want to make your own badge, I would recommend using photobucket  as your image hosting site. I used that for both my Social Media Icons and my Blog Buttons and used Photoshop to make my images for my buttons.

Here are the buttons I made. You are welcome to use these buttons for your blog if you have a Family Blog or you blog as the proud mother of a teen or an animal lover. Just grab the code and place the coding on your blog.




Well now I think I have made enough changes for awhile - at least another year. I hope this post helps you if you also want to make Blog Buttons for your Blog.

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