Monday, 23 June 2014

Your Mansion And Your Education Will Not Impress Me.....

Live in a shack with no formal training or education, build some sand castles on the beach and I am very impressed. I posted two photos of the sand art in Ballito over here, which is really good considering that these artists have no formal training whatsoever, but the sand art in Durban is way better. All these artists are basically homeless, they spend hours looking after their art work on the beach. Late at night they leave the beach and head for a homeless shelter not far away and pay R35.00 to sleep there and get breakfast in the morning. They head back to the beach and either rebuild their art or perfect it, constantly spraying water on it so that the sand does not dry up and blow away.

Buffalo; Dolphin; Horse

King Kong & Chair From A Distance

Write Your Name Or I Love You

We were chatting to one of the artists on Friday night (The owner of King Kong and the skeleton) and he was telling us how they now need permits to build their sand art, because things were being stolen from bathers and they were accused of the theft. Now there are no longer as many artists on the beach, but the ones that are there are registered as informal traders. They survive on donations and  he told us about the homeless shelter where he stays. On weekends they stay on the beach until very late, because teenagers hang around the beach and sit on their displays and break them. They are all gearing up for the July school holidays when the out of towners flock down to Durban and then they make a lot more money. They charge you R5.00 to take a photo sitting on the sand couch or they write your name on a piece of artwork and charge R5.00. What can you buy with R5.00 - not even a loaf of bread. We never sat on the couch we just gave the artist with the buffalo and horse and dolphin R30.00 and the other chatty artist R50.00.

King Kong - Brilliant

Skeleton From Some Movie Or Series - Maize Meal Is Used For The White 

Another Chair

After the Dodgems, we walked down to the pier; which was buzzing with the people; the sea was full of surfers just lazing on their boards. The sea was calm flat and so beautiful.

Our Hotel From The Pier

We went past the sand artists again and noticed different guys tending to the artwork. they must have a day shift and night shift and work as a team. Mr Friday night artist told us that they have a competition every year and they also build logos for Companies for their advertising and marketing and they work in teams. The Buffalo from Friday night was now a Rhino.

The Buffalo Is Now A Rhino

Here is some more Sand Art from when Chad and I went to Durban in 2010.

Soccer Stadium And Car




Soccer Stadium

Big Leopard Biting A Man

Leopard or Cheetah 

P-Diddy & J-Lo

As a person that is not artistic or creative, I just find the art work and the ability of these untrained artists mind blowing. These guys bankrupted me, because everyday we walked past and I had to give them money, because I was just so in awe of their art.

Telling Chad he can sit in the car

So no, you won't impress me with your Harvard Education; Upmarket Mansion and Highly Skilled Job; because skills cannot be bought and these artists with their limited education and training are testament to that.

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