Sunday, 6 July 2014

Blogs - True Life Short Stories

On Thursday I missed my Thursday Thoughts post, because I was not well and needed what little enthusiasm and energy I had to do a bit of work - unintentionally I have carried my Thursday Thoughts over to today. Whilst updating my "Why I Blog" page yesterday, I was giving some thought to my very first encounter into the blogging world and this made me remember why I don't really follow South African Blogs. My first blogging experience was on a South African site, in fact on my Internet Service Provider's blogging platform. At that stage blogging was very new in South Africa and probably around the world, added to the fact that I was in a very very dark and desperate place. The blogging community on that platform consisted of very negative people, the posts were negative and the comments were negative in a very uncalled for and inappropriate way. It put me off blogging totally, but in years to come I started following blogs again - but not South African blogs - I needed something different - another story to what I live everyday.

The blogging world has grown in leaps and bounds since I first ventured into that world and backed right out of again.  Every now and again I would follow a South African blogger, but it would be too much like reading a Fashion Magazine or Home Decor Magazine. Magazines are nice to page through now and again, but once you have read one you have read them all - unless of course you are a total Fashionista - I am not. I like reading stories - true life stories. I went from being an avid reader of books to no longer being able to concentrate on books since Clinton's death and now reading blogs has taken the place of reading books.

Coincidentally this year I found three South African blogs that I really enjoy reading and I now follow and subscribe to. I stop what I am doing to read a new post as soon as it pops into my inbox. The one is Skimming Stones - Sula, the author is a very talented writer and although her blog is not a personal journey so to speak, it tells the story of her life. She not only shares her knowledge (and wisdom) of baking and sewing and life in general, but is also a talented poet and writer with loads of integrity.

If you have a cat that loves playing - Garfield in all her 16 years has never played like a cat should - but if your cat does, then have a look over here at this really clever cat toy Sula and her daughter made for her daughter's cat. It is such a clever idea. Sula also makes her own bread and hot cross buns and finds the time to write poetry and without her even mentioning it, I can imagine that her home is run like a well oiled machine.

I am glad to have found South African blogs that I enjoy - that are more than Fashion Magazines and I know if I keep looking I will find more to add to my reading list - more true life stories to read and enjoy.

Here are some Sunday Reflections to mull over.

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Have an awesome Sunday

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