Thursday, 10 July 2014

Heartless Or Hypocrite

Today I am not going to go into too much detail about what is on my mind and how this Thursday can only get worse and not better, but those that do know me will know what I am talking about. What I can say is that I will rather be seen as heartless than a hypocrite. Today is the funeral of Mark's 94 year old  almost 91 year old grandfather, who died on Monday. He was bedridden and had a full time day time carer, who had one day off a week. The poor old man was full of bedsores - I have never had a bedsore, however, I have nursed patients with bedsores and bedsores have to be one of the most painful or THE most painful pain anyone can experience.

He is in a better place now and no longer suffering. Life worked full circle for him and he was waiting to die, he grew up, had children; grandchildren and great grandchildren. He had a full life and was reduced to a frail bedridden old man. He has been telling people for about two years now that he is just waiting to die. All the grandchildren and adult great grandchildren have put in a huge amount of money each to give him an elaborate send off - he never had a funeral policy. Money that in my opinion would have been far more beneficial to him whilst he was alive and had bedsores that were not treated properly. Time spent now starting groups for the funeral and the all importance of each person trying to out do the other in their importance is a bit lost on the fact that everyone was too busy with their lives to assist the carer in turning him and preventing bedsores. No doubt alcohol will be consumed in copious amounts to help with the tears at the lavish send off.

OK so I went into more detail than I planned .......... a hypocrite I will not be. Rather spend the time and money on an old person when they are alive than when they are dead. Rest In Peace Old Man

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Wishing you a wonderful Thursday and an even better weekend.

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