Thursday, 17 July 2014

Hello Durban ...... Good Bye Durban

We went to Durban again last weekend. We never go away and then we go away all the time. Its just so cold in Joburg and we enjoyed our weekend so much when we went to Durban for the Top Gear Festival that we decided to go down for another weekend. It was a quiet day at work and Mark half jokingly half seriously said I must book for the weekend around the middle of July and I did. We booked at the Garden Court Marine Parade again, because Mark loved the view from where it is situated and just its location generally. I never mentioned it on my blog or to anyone in "real life" so as not to jinx it. Oh and it was almost jinxed when Mark's grandfather died, so it was really touch and go as to whether we would go, but on Thursday the day of the funeral, we decided that we had paid and it would be a waste of money to not go. I made sure to date stamp my photos as proof that we really did go down again, because believe it or not we were given the exact same room as the weekend before.

Looking Down From Our Hotel Room

The Beach Front From Our Hotel Room

The Surf The Sea The Ocean - From Our Hotel Room
To be quite honest, this time we experienced more of the ugliness that is a huge part of Durban than we did the last time, but I still love Durban and the ugliness does not overshadow the beauty that it has. After the funeral, we went back to work to tie up a few lose ends and organised the staff for Friday, I went home to pack at about 16h45 pm and we left home at 18h15. It was freezing on the way down. We stopped at the Vaal Stop Wimpy for dinner and it was bitterly cold. Whenever we stopped for fuel or for a bathroom stop it was just bitterly cold - below freezing. We arrived at the hotel at 01h30 am and the difference in temperature was amazing. As we stopped the car, we were still climbing out when we were approached by a young girl asking for money for food, because she was hungry - she was eating peanuts and going on and on like a nagging child. A security guard from the hotel saw her and came rushing out to chase her away - bad for tourism. She was a cheeky little girl, who I am sure was not much older than 15. The security guard was speaking to her in Zulu and we could not understand what they were saying, except for him saying about three times "You Young - Too Too Young " She was no doubt propositioning this old man. Sex for food; survival on the streets. We drove past a few prostitutes walking along the street soliciting their wares, so it is not a shock to see it, the shock was that she was a waif of a girl and so innocent looking - nothing mature or sexual about her at all. That was the shock. We left her and the shocked security guard and checked in. This time we were assisted by a lovely friendly man by the name of Emmanuel, so much better than our previous check in experience. What a surprise to get the exact same room - kind of a good omen for  a good weekend away.

View Of The Pier From Our Hotel Room

How Calm Is The Sea
We fell asleep at around 2.30 - after a relaxing bath my head hit the pillow and I fell into a deep sleep. Mark woke up at around 7 and woke me up and then he fell asleep and then we had to rush and shower to make it to breakfast at 9h50 and breakfast ends at 10 am. We made it in time and they only closed the buffet at around 10h45.

Friday was a very slow day walking along the promenade and relaxing in the hotel... just what we needed.

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