Wednesday, 30 July 2014

On-line Shopping - Impressed

On-line shopping should appeal to my dislike of trawling the shopping malls, but I am still a bit caught up in the "back in the day" mentality where on-line shopping was as foreign and unheard of as Wi-Fi and laptops. However, I have bought a couple of things on-line and I must say the only time I did have a problem was when I renewed our McAfee Antivirus software a few years ago. That was a nightmare resulting in me being very sceptical of "quick and easy" on-line purchases.

The other day, Chad wanted something from Kalahari, a book actually and he asked if I would get it for him. I have bought books from Kalahari in the past, pre- "McAfee" nightmare and I never had any problems with them - my McAfee nightmare had nothing to do with Kalahari. I registered and placed the order last week on Monday and received confirmation of my purchase - it takes 7 to 10 working days for the parcel to be delivered. The estimated delivery date was 1 August 2014. I received an email the following day informing me that there was a 2 day delay with the parcel and the estimated delivery day would be the 4 August. A bit disappointing, but we were informed of the delay, which counts for a lot.

On Friday, I received a mail informing me that the parcel had been dispatched and would be delivered in 24 to 48 hours (business hours). There is an option to track your order, but I never did. Yesterday afternoon, I received a phone call from a lovely lady, whose name I don't recall, she phoned to check our address. I am not sure if this is routine or if it is because we have an issue with the spelling of our street name. Around 2006, there was a mistake in the map books and Garmins and our street name was spelt with an "A" instead of an "E" - the second letter in our street name. They then changed the spelling on the actual street name sign  and we had one spelling. Now they have corrected the map books and Garmins, but not the street name so now it is "pick of the version" or how we feel on the day that we write our address. Our suburb that is NOT a new suburb, (I moved here the first time in 1984) does not come up on Google maps nor Garmins and you need to put the City only - very confusing.

I explained all this to the lady who called to confirm the address, as they were not sure if it was a stand alone house or a complex and I had not added the street name. We live in a Cul-De-Sac and she called again to double check that she had the right place by checking the name of the street at the end of our Cul-De-Sac. I am really impressed and the parcel arrived before 10.00 this morning.

The door to door courier fee of R35.00 is really worth it and is far better than having to go to the post box everyday to check if the parcel has arrived and then finding the time to stand in long queues at our Post Office. I will buy from Kalahari On-Line again.

Chad's Parcel

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