Monday, 21 July 2014

When Your Fun Imposes On My Fun

We went out for a late lunch  today to a restaurant that shall for all intents and purposes remain unnamed. I am simply not naming the restaurant, because it would be unfair to blame the restaurant for its uncouth, noisy drunken patrons. However, the very slow service just added to the aggravation of having to put up with loud raucous swearing. If I wanted that kind of atmosphere I would have gone to a pub. It was the first time and last time we will go to that restaurant.

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I was no angel in my youth and don't profess to have been one, however, a mother sitting in a restaurant on a Sunday afternoon getting louder and louder the drunker she gets using the foulest of language then shouting I love you to her baby being carried to the play area by a drunk father is enough to turn one's stomach. We had a party of such men and women at the restaurant. Yes have fun, enjoy the birthday, laugh joke, but honestly when all the other patrons are starting to feel uncomfortable then that is no longer fun. When conversation at other tables are drowned out by drunken swearing then it is no longer fun. That is the one thing that gets to me about the no smoking laws - you cannot smoke in a public place, but you can get fall down drunk in a family restaurant and climb into your car and that is OK, as long as you did not smoke in the restaurant.

No we don't want to hear about your birth plan or your gynae's advice when you gave birth. Quite frankly the fact that you are drunk out of your mind on a Sunday afternoon trying to out swear, out laugh and out brag each other takes away any expert opinion you may or may not have of birthing or mothering.

You may think your privileged upbringing and fancy clothes make you classy and cool, but your loud raucous laughter and filthy mouth makes you common and uncouth. Your disgusting behaviour infringing on other patron's enjoyment just makes you common cheap and low class.

And in other bad news.... it is back to school tomorrow, back to waking up early; fighting the traffic and nagging about school work.

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