Tuesday, 26 August 2014

All About Chad

In this post over here I told the story of taking Chad to book his learner's licence. I was even optimistic enough to put the booking form on my Blog, knowing that he will pass, because he really wanted his learners. We booked for his bike learners and his car learners, because he has a bike and the right thing to do is get a licence. I blogged about the whole dilemma of the bike in this post.

I moaned about Chad not studying for his learners in this post  and how angry I would be if he failed as I had to cancel my doctor's appointment to get the results of my blood tests, because it was the same time as his learners. I barely mentioned his learners and I am sure many people were wondering whether he passed his learners or not or why I never said anything other than briefly mentioning it in this post. I congratulated Chad on passing his motorbike learners in this post, but with lots of negativity about the bike and very little pride in my son's "adult" achievement. My mom asked me about two weeks ago if Chad had gone for his learners, because I had not told her that he had passed.

Well the reason for the very blasé attitude was because Chad failed his learners. I was so angry at first, because he did not open a book as mentioned in this post.  I said I would be angry and I was. I certainly was not shocked that he failed. We both woke up grouchy and tired and in a mood. We left early in the morning to avoid any traffic issues as his appointment was for 8 am. We argued and fought in the car and I should know that Chad gets very angry and moody when he is stressed, but he didn't study so I did not think he was stressed. I thought he just had bad attitude. We were going through the questions in the Learner's book before the test and he knew nothing - he was just guessing. Well he failed and instead of consoling him like a good mom should I scolded him. He wanted to leave straight away and not do his bike licence, but I convinced him to just take it in his stride and go do it. He didn't really want his bike licence, but by then the moment of anger was over and my heart was very sad for him, because, moms don't like to see their children fail or sad or anything negative in their lives. We joked and relaxed until it was time to write his bike learners and he passed. The mind boggles, because he failed road markings and it should be the same for a bike learners. When he went in he asked the Officer if he could write his car learners instead of bike and she said no, you have had a chance and you failed. Fair enough.

So the next morning we went to pay and collect his bike learners as the cash office had closed at 10 for year end when he wrote his learners and we booked again for his car learners. He could only get a booking for the 25 August 2014, even asking very nicely if there was an earlier booking. He had 55 days to study and again even after threats of never going to take him to book for a third time and threats of not paying again from Mark, he never studied until Thursday for a bit and then Sunday the day before, he studied for most of the day and in the afternoon I questioned him and he knew a lot. Yesterday he was writing at 1 pm and he stayed at home to study. We left home at 12 to again avoid traffic issues, you never know in Joburg what can happen to cause a back up with the traffic. We sat in the car again and went through the book and he knew all the answers without hesitation. I was so happy and proud and knew he would pass. I told him to relax, because unless he had a total mental block and read the questions wrong there was no way he would fail. He was starting to get nervous, the closer to 1 pm it got, because he really wanted it this time. I just made him relax and there was no attitude or fighting and arguing.

From 1.45 Mark started phoning, long story short (are they ever with me) he came out at 2.40. So many people came out and my heart dropped each time. I was waiting for the smile or sad angry face and was getting more anxious and kept texting Mark and could only imagine how anxious Chad was, when I realised they were marking in batches of 5. It was a big class. Eventually he was one of the 5 last ones to come out. He tried to act like he had failed, but his eyes were too bright and sparkly and the corners of his mouth hinting at the smile he was trying to hide. Apparently people who finished after Chad put their papers on top of his paper, so they were marked first. He was so anxious, his heart was beating and his hands were sweating, but he passed and I am so proud of him. He left the questions he was struggling with until last and went back to them at the end and went over the test again to make sure he read the question properly the first time. The proof was in the studying though. He never spent days studying, but he did study hard in the end. Congrats my boy.

How do you feel when your children fail; more importantly how do you feel when your children have not studied and then fail? Do you feel as sad and upset as what they do? I think mothers will no matter what, still feel the pain and sadness their children feel.

Here are some clips of Chad riding his bike at Daytona. as hard as it is for me to see him riding his bike, I have to do it. Mark recorded him - I was at home.

This one below was on Sunday the 17th, as you can see Spike went with and had a ball, he came home exhausted.

This one was taken this past Saturday, the 23rd just a glimpse - Really Mark!!

Not the best videos - Mark recorded with his Samsung and I am not sure if he did something wrong or if that is what happens when you record on a Samsung and then save it on a PC. I have just told him to please put more effort into recording Chad :)

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