Thursday, 21 August 2014

Health Matters

In this post and in many more posts, I have said that I am not grateful for my health and on days that I over analyse my life or go into a deep dark place of grief and hell, I really am not grateful for my health and wish I was dead and with Clinton, then get seeped into guilt for wishing that when I have Chad to think about. The reality is that although I do go into these dark pits of grief and hate that I live with this intense emotional pain, I am grateful for my sight; my hearing and the fact that I can walk unaided. This reality hit home on Monday when we heard that someone who worked for Mark's Business Associate has gone totally blind.

We know this man very well, because his boss works from the same premises as us. Mark sublets to the boss. Phineas phoned this man the other day, just out of the blue as no one has heard from him for sometime and he told Phineas that he has gone totally blind. He has the cutest little boy that is about 3 years old. Chad and I were chatting about it and we both think that to lose your sight must be the worst thing that can happen to you - worse that losing your hearing and worse than losing the ability to walk. However, this is one of those things in life that you can "only imagine". The reality is very different, because when you do lose one of your senses or your become a paraplegic or quadriplegic, no matter what it is, it is The Worst" thing that can happen to YOU.

I really feel for this man and his family. He has no income, his boss or ex-boss, I should say, never registered him for UIF benefits or registered him with the provident fund. Our staff are registered and we pay our portion of the Provident fund and UIF benefits every month and it gets stressful at times, many times, paying out this money, but at least we have a clear conscience knowing that if something like this happens to one of our staff members they have their Provident Fund to fall back on. Our domestic staff are also registered - it is not only the right thing to do, but law to register with UIF - Provident Fund is an Industry Legislation. This poor man has nothing, his young wife works twice a week as a casual somewhere - not in a skilled position and they have this little boy. Mark and I feel more for this man and what he is going through, than what his ex-boss feels. Those who know me out of the Blogosphere, who read my blog, will know exactly who I am talking about and exactly how I feel about the ex-boss. Life is seriously unfair.

I am most definitely grateful for my sight, because having to live without being able to see the beautiful flowers and birds and animals and my beautiful son will just be the worst thing ever.

I hope you are having an awesome Thursday and as usual my post is a bit late for a good morning, but wishing you a good day anyway.

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