Saturday, 30 August 2014

I Was Not Exaggerating - My Arm Is Bruised

Last night when I went to bath and stripped off all my winter clothes and saw my left arm, I knew I did not overreact when I asked the Blood Monster if he was qualified to draw bloods from patients. This morning my arm is even worse and is covered in bruises. Imagine if I let him stick the needle in my arm again. It is really wrong of a pathology practice to allow someone so inexperienced to take bloods from a patient. I certainly won't be going back there now that Sister C has left. I have been to that lab twice for tests; Mark once and I went there to collect Mark's results and every time this man has been wondering around the shopping centre talking to people who work at the centre and Sister C has to ask someone outside to call him. Pity he was not wondering outside yesterday morning when I went in - probably too cold in the icy weather we had yesterday.

The photo does not do the bruise justice - it is dark blue and purple. This is despite the fact that Sister C pressed down on it with a cotton swab to try and prevent bruising after he butchered my arm.  My right arm has a tiny pin prick mark on it. No bruising and not sore, unlike the left arm that is bruised, sore and very itchy. I have never bruised like this after having bloods drawn. I think they are going to have to re-look at the staff situation at the lab, if they want it to last.

Have you ever had a bad experience when having blood tests?

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