Monday, 25 August 2014

Jingles And Her Nails And Earthquakes For Good Measure

You must be wondering what Jingles and her nails have to do with an Earthquake - well nothing really, but if I blogged everyday like a good blogger should, I would have two separate posts. South Africa is usually quite "natural disaster" free, we have enough other disasters to deal with, but that was until the 5 August 2014, when a 5.5 magnitude earthquake hit a small mining town called Orkney. The tremors were felt hundreds of miles away, even in neighbouring countries, Botswana and Mozambique. We felt it at work, but just carried on regardless, because our work environment is so noisy and the vibration from revving cars can at times make the windows and floor rattle. On Friday morning I woke up to news reports on my Twitter Timeline of another earthquake. Apparently this one was relatively small. It was only a 3.8 magnitude and not the 4.6 as first reported. There were tweets of barking dogs and alarms going off across the country. We experienced nothing. We either slept very well or our neighbourhood did not experience the tremors. Our dogs did not even stir - we had our own dog issues to deal with.

Jingles and Her Bandaged Leg

On Thursday when I dropped Chad off at home after fetching him from school, Sheila brought Jingles to me to show me that her foot was bleeding. I cannot touch Jingles because she bites me. She lies on my lap and cuddles next to me all the time, but I cannot approach her first - like to cover her, lift her up, even when she is dancing around my legs to get picked up. I blogged about it over here when I called her a horrid little dog, because that is what she is. I have tried massaging her and rubbing her behind her ears, apparently that soothes them - it doesn't sooth her - I have been bitten so many times. Not radical bites, but they hurt, especially if she gets me on the quick of my nail. I managed to glimpse at her paw with Sheila holding her - she does not bite Sheila; she loves Sheila to bits. Well her one nail was half pulled out again, but there was nothing I could do about it. I gave her some Regal Joint Health Remedy to ease the pain until Mark could come home and look at it or take her to the vet.

Poor Hurt Baby

This is the third time she has had an issue with her claw. The first time she was still a puppy, not even a year old and she ran and jumped into our Landrover and her claw got stuck in these tiny little holes in the metal that separates the back from the front and her whole nail was ripped out. She screamed and yelped, it bled a bit and after about 30 minutes she was running around like a crazy thing, saw paw forgotten and no vet visit. The next time was when she hurt her dew claw and it became infected. I don't know what it is with her and her claws. She is the healthiest of all our dogs, except for her injured claws - Garfield the healthiest of them all. Mark and Chad took her to the vet down the road and the vet on duty said shame the poor little thing is so traumatised, look how she is shaking - Mark was too scared and embarrassed to say the shaking is normal - she shivers and shakes all the time - hey maybe there is a connection to her and the earthquake - she shakes so much she makes the floor rattle. Well R700.00 later and not even a hint of how much it will cost, the vet gave her a jab, cut her other nails and put a bandage on the nail that was pulled out. No anaesthetic local or otherwise. No pills to take home nothing. We had to take her bandage off 24 hours later and if it got wet to take it off immediately. By Friday afternoon, she had chewed most of it off and Chad just pulled the rest off. Sheila kept her in the house all day and made sure her bandage did not get wet. Jingles always runs around the garden when the gardener is here - the only dog who likes our gardener, but on Friday she had to stay inside. By Friday night she was was fine again.

Cuddled Up In Bed

And that is what earthquakes and Jingles have in common - shakes and tremors.

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