Thursday, 14 August 2014

Motivating Me

I have had such a bad week - a week of stress and frustration. A week that has made Mark and I both very demotivated and just plain fed up. A week of thinking and believing that working for a Company as opposed to owning a Company would be so much better. The hassles of owning a Company just becomes so overwhelming sometimes with all the red tape and other nonsense. Perhaps it is just our Industry or maybe all industries face these frustrations, but all I know is that it is not fun.

Today seems a bit more relaxed, but who knows it could change in a second just like the weather, just like life does, but I am going to savour the moment and enjoy it. I am not going to relax too much, because I still have loads of filing and admin to do.

Hope you are having a stress free Thursday and you are gearing up for an awesome weekend - lets hope the weather plays nice. I found these lovely inspirational messages on Simple Reminders and sometimes we just need these simple reminders to get us through the frustrations of everyday life.

Image Source

Image Source

Wishing you an awesome Thursday and weekend ahead. A bit late for good morning, but hope it was a good one anyway.

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