Monday, 18 August 2014

Out And About...... In Durban

This post is way over due and I was reminded the other day when Mark received his Tsogo Sun Rewards card in the mail, that I hadn't finished posting about our weekend in Durban last month. Another reminder was when my laptop crashed on Friday and I was reminded that my photos are still on my laptop's hard drive and not on my blog or OneDrive. We were really stupid, because I already have a Tsogo Sun Rewards Card, which we could have used when we went down to Durban for the Top Gear Festival, but I did not know that it was the same card. We applied for a card when we booked to go down last month and even though we only applied when we booked, we still received a discount on our accommodation and when you have a rewards card, you automatically get 1 Gig free internet usage per day, for every day you are booked in at the hotel, which is very generous I think, considering that you do not pay a cent for the rewards program. Without the rewards program you get (I think) 300 mgs internet usage per day. It is worthwhile getting a rewards card. There are all sorts of other discounts as well. (this is not a sponsored post - entirely my opinion).

Ricksha City Tour Bus

We decided to do the whole Durban tourist thing and went on the Ricksha Bus. W have been on the Cape Town Tour Bus twice and it was really worth it, I have also heard the Johannesburg one is very good, but the Durban one was very disappointing. It is only R100.00 for the trip, but where the Cape Town Bus is a hop on hop off service, the Durban one is a full 3 hour trip and you only get off at designated spots - one being a silly little shopping centre in some part of Durban that was a bit dodge looking.

Mark & Chad On The Bus
The Durban City Tour bus takes you through the really seedy parts of Durban, where as the Cape Town Bus takes you mainly along the scenic route. When you get on the Cape Town bus, you are given earphones (new in a sealed plastic packet) which you plug in and you can listen to the tour guide in various different languages. On the Durban bus a lady speaks into a microphone in a very singsong voice. The bus goes through the very back end of Durban, the street we drove along was jam packed with people and taxis and cars. All the street names have changed and other than the Esplanade and John Ross House, I did not know where we were. The idea of the tour was to show the historical buildings in Durban, but all the buildings are broken down as we drove through the scums and squalor and it was quite embarrassing as there were foreign tourists on the bus.

I never took any photos of the seedy parts and after the 30 minute stop at the random shopping centre, we made our way to the Morningside area and Florida Road  and Innes Road, which was much better than the first half of the trip. We stopped at the Cube look out point on Innes Road and had a look at the Spectacular Moses Madiba Stadium and across Durban, which was beautiful.

Would I recommend going on the Ricksha Bus? I actually would, despite the the ugliness of the first half of the trip. I just think that they should make it more like the Cape Town bus, where you can hop on and hop off all day, instead of the three hour tour - it gets a bit long and boring. I also think that the choice of shopping centre that we stopped at is the wrong choice. Why not rather stop in Florida Road.

The price of R100.00 is very reasonable and it is something to do whilst you are down in Durban. Chad found the history quite interesting. I want to go on the Johannesburg Tour bus and would love to know if it is worth going on.

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