Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Spam; Scams and AVG

So in this "bare it all to the world" whiny post I was going on about how my laptop crashed and at the exact same time my desktop would not connect to the internet. Well it connected and seemed to have a connection, but there was a block of some sorts. I could not do a system restore and pondered the whole weekend over the coincidence of my laptop crashing at the same time that my desktop internet connection stopped working.

Yesterday, besides running around with Mark, I attempted to fix my desktop connection. Finally at around 4.30 an error message came up after running umpteen diagnostics. I googled the message, there was a fix and I fixed it. The error message was "The Connection between your access point, router; or cable modem and the internet is broken" The fix was to start your computer in safe mode - I did not know how to do this in Windows 8 - did I mention I hate Windows 8 - yes I do. I now know how to start windows 8 in safe mode, but first I had to turn off AVG. I did this. I started in safe mode, internet worked perfectly. I shut down, restarted normally and yay it worked perfectly. This morning it worked perfectly and I realised that my AVG was still turned off. I quickly turned it back on, I did not need a virus added to my woes. Guess what no connection. I turned off AVG and it worked. AVG was the problem. I googled that, found the fix, enabled it in properties and holding thumbs; touching wood it works. I cannot understand how or why when my laptop crashed, this tiny little hiccup occurred on my desktop. I do think that it was an update that affected both - lets hope it is now solved for good. Mark said it was probably something very small and it was. He was about to call one of his clients who has an IT company just as I found the problem. I have also discovered that not only have I lost all my emails from last week, but  also some of my documents.

My other irritation is all the spam comments I am getting on my blog lately. It is beyond annoying and I am not like most people, who just ignore the spam. I get highly irritated with any spam or phishing emails. The spam has even started on Instagram. I just feel as though I am wallowing in spam. No matter how authentic the comment may seem, a comment from anonymous saying "blahdi blah, such an interesting topic" on a post that says Happy Birthday Chad and a graphic is SPAM - I don't want to link to your website and get hacked. Or a comment saying "love this post - can't wait for the follow up"  well the post was in 2012 it is now 2014 so I don't think there will be a follow up, in fact there was never going to be a follow up. I received an email this morning from SA Bloggers - (I subscribe to their posts) about a free blogging workshop being held on the 30 August 2014. I have no intention of making a career out of blogging, I blog as a very part time hobby, but I would love to go to the workshop, because one of the topics covered is how to stop the spam comments. Unfortunately the workshop is in Midrand and that is like crossing the border for me - anything that requires me driving on the highway is crossing the border. I have turned on word verification again, so lets see if that will stop the spam.

Am I the only one who gets so worked up about spam? It is just beyond annoying. I am stressed out enough without adding to it. I feel like I need a good long holiday or a life like my dogs have. Sleep sleep sleep :)

The most stressful part of Piggy's day is getting as close to Pluto as possible. Shame they need new beds, but that is a Bull terrier and Jack Russell thing (that is Spike's bed) - they scratch and scratch and scratch then lie down and sleep - result being torn beds. Luckily I did not buy them Electric Hot Water Bottles

Well back to rush rush rush. I started this post this morning and have had to abandon it after every two words. What started as a quiet morning turned into a hectic day. Now I am off home to prepare dinner and Sheila will do the rest for me. Then back to work :( I am very fortunate in that she does help with cooking some nights.

PS - This post was done on my desktop - proof it is still working.

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