Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Answer Lies In A Tub Of Margarine - Does It Really??

As you may or may not know, my doctor has been checking my Cholesterol levels for quite a few years now. I think the first time was in 2011 and each year that she checks it, it goes up and not down. She put me on Statins in January, I took them for one month, went to get my repeat prescription and the pharmacy told me the medical aid would not cover a second month and they wanted all my blood results. I never went to the doctor to fill in the forms, because a) I never had time and b) the consultation fee would come out of our medical aid savings. When I went to see the doctor in July, she checked my Cholesterol again and it was even higher and she told me to take the medication whether the medical aid pays for it or not. It really is not expensive, but it is just the principal - we pay a huge amount every month for medical aid and if they feel it is not necessary then why should I take the tablets.

Well I thought I would take them this time, but they make me feel so sick and apparently they make you put on weight. What is the point of trying to be healthy and the medication you take is making you put on weight - not smoking has done enough of that. I have done so much research on the use of Statins and there is so many conflicting views, but the majority is against the use, especially in women who have not had a heart attack. I finished the one month supply of statins and decided to rather try a healthier lifestyle and incidentally, when I was taking the statins, each week my pants felt tighter and tighter without any changes in my eating patterns.

We always use Flora Light Margarine and sometimes Flora Regular if the store that we are shopping at does not have stock of Flora Light. We went grocery shopping a few weeks ago and whilst I was getting the margarine, I saw Flora has a cholesterol lowering spread, called Flora Pro-Active. I am sure I have seen it many times before, but just took note of it, because I was walking around feeling awful from the Cholesterol medication. I bought a tub, because the label said it would lower cholesterol in 21 days. I have finished the first tub and would be very interested to know if it does actually work. This article explains how it works, but does state that "used with statins can lower your cholesterol" 

I have to do my bloods again at the end of the month, so I am really hoping my cholesterol levels have gone down without the pills and that the Flora Pro-Active does work. Mark went to the doctor last week for his gout and the doctor checked his cholesterol and his cholesterol is surprisingly low compared to mine. Why I say surprisingly, is because he loves fatty meat, a meal is not a meal unless it has meat and lots of it. He eats calamari, but no fish or tuna or salmon. His diet is far unhealthier than mine, so perhaps mine is hereditary and not food related, although I am not denying the fact that my diet is also very unhealthy.

I would be very interested to hear other thoughts on Cholesterol and/or Flora Pro-active and whether it has helped to lower cholesterol.

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