Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Blood Monster

When I went to see my doctor to discuss my blood results in June she told me to go and do my bloods again in two months time. I went today, because the Sister who did my bloods on July 2013 and again in June this year is leaving the laboratory. Tomorrow will be her last day and I did not want to go there and have someone else draw blood from me. Marks's doctor sent him for Cholesterol tests and a few others and he went to the same laboratory and he was also so impressed with the Nursing Sister. She is so bubbly and friendly and DOES NOT HURT - she knows what she is doing.

This morning I woke up freezing cold, no tea or coffee, because it is a fasting test and off I went to do my bloods at around 8 am, after Mark dropped Chad at school. There was someone at the lab before me that Sister C was assisting with the paper work and her assistant assisted me. I thought he was just doing the paper work. Turns out he also draws the blood and took me to the room to draw the bloods. I was very anxious and disappointed that after all Sister C was not doing my bloods. He was very professional and showed me the sealed needle, asked if I was allergic to plasters and latex. There was no need for concern, until he pushed the needle in - it was so sore, hardly any blood came out. He asked if he must take the needle out and do it again. I said no just finish. He attached the next vial and about two drops of blood came out. To be honest I have had paper cuts that have bled more than that. He said please can I take it out and try another vein. I said yes - it was so sore. I will not lie, I do not have very good veins and they do battle to find a vein, but once they do, there is no problem. I am 50 years old, I have had blood taken hundreds of times and I have never experienced anything like that ever before. I just snapped and said "Are you qualified to do this?"  He said yes I am. It might have been a bit harsh of me to snap like that, but I have gone through hell, because of the medical profession and what happens if it was a young child who was having bloods taken. He said do you want the other sister to carry on and I said yes please. I had to wait until Sister C had finished with her patient she was with - the person after me.

Bloods Taken By Assistant (Left Arm)

Looking at the photos, was I being unreasonable or petty? I think not. My arm ached for most of the morning - not the needle mark, but my whole arm. The medical profession is once again losing quality staff, because profit margin is more important than life itself. Sister C is leaving to do marketing for Baby & Company (I think). The Company she will be working for is having an Expo at the Dome in November and one in Durban and Cape Town at sometime, she said I must pop by and say hello to her at the expo. I will even though I would not normally go to a baby show as I don't have a baby. It is not often that you go to a laboratory to have bloods taken and the staff remember not only your face, but you as a person. I wish her everything of the best in her new career and hope she is hugely successful.

Bloods Taken By Sister C (Right Arm)

After that episode, I went straight to Woolworths, which is in the same centre and bought a large Cappuccino. I have not had coffee for 25 days, the cold and stress broke my willpower. I have had no dairy, caffeine or sugar for 3 weeks. Yesterday I had a Crusher from KFC - am guessing that contained dairy, sugar and all sorts of bad, so a cappuccino was the least of my worries on a cold agitated morning.

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