Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Middle And Us

Other than Isidingo, a South African soapie, I only watch sitcoms on TV. Oh and movies sometimes, if there is a good movie on. The best sitcom has to be in my opinion The Middle and Chad also has it on top of his list of best shows on TV. It beats the ever so popular Modern Family hands down - a show that took me years to warm up to and many many missed episodes. The only show that comes close to The Middle is Two Broke Girls, but where Two Broke Girls has started to get a bit less funny and more tired each season, The Middle Just gets better all the time.

The show is about the Heck Family -  a middle-class suburban family living in Orson Indiana, in the middle of America. Frankie the mom, tries her best, but her parenting skills raise quite a few eyebrows, then there is the laid back Mike, the dad and three children. Axel the cool athletic older brother; Sue the socially awkward  middle daughter, then Brick the younger son who loves reading, but also has so many issues - social and otherwise.

Many an episode, we all burst out laughing at more than just the humour, because it is like watching ourselves. Chad's back chat and answers to everything we have to say, could have been scripted for Axel. Mark isn't quite the laid back Mike in the show, except when he totally switches off and we have long conversations with him and he does not listen to a word we are saying. Sadly, we don't have the siblings that Axel has, but that does not stop us from seeing our life in their funny situations. A few weeks back when it was on and I was still making dinner (Chad records it for me) he came into the kitchen and said "Mom!! you have to watch this episode of The Middle .... You would swear they have cameras in our house and record us"
Frankie, the mom painted her nails blue and one of the kids said "Shame mom thinks she is young, she painted her nails blue" The exact same words Chad said to me years ago when blue nails came into fashion again and I painted my nails blue and what he says every time I paint my nails blue. As the episode went on, so it became more like me, including the outburst by Frankie at the end.

Dinner time in our house is almost exactly the same as the Heck household - what fast food we having and the argument around which restaurant we should eat at. In one episode Axel shouts "Please can you parent me"  or something to that affect and sometimes I imagine Chad screaming that at me. Kids need boundaries, especially teenagers, I know that - sometimes I just don't practice it. The other day Chad said if it wasn't for Mark, he would never go to school. He wakes up in the morning and says "Can I have a sick day?" Me " Mmm I suppose so... don't you feel like school today"  Mark "Up.. there is nothing wrong with you - you going to school, I wish I could have a day off " Me " You had your turn when you were a kid"  Chad "mumble grumble moan". Result being Chad only has a day off when he is really sick.

My true Frankie moment was on Sunday night. I never cooked at all this weekend as I am on another diet - living on rice cakes; tuna and avocados. Mark and Chad were out for most of the weekend, so I just assumed that they had eaten wherever they were. I am sure they did eat. Well they were starving on Sunday night and complaining that I never cooked. I did point out that it was very sexist that I Should have cooked for them and not the other way around. I like being facetious at times. Well I went scrummaging through the grocery cupboard with Chad leaning over my shoulder and first I pulled out a tin of peaches and told him to eat that, wasn't good enough. I then grabbed a bag of Ghost Pops and said here eat this. That was when I reallised that I am more like Frankie Heck than I like to believe.

Apparently this colour also falls in the "Shame mom thinks she is young" category. If you don't already watch the show, Watch It - you won't be sorry it is just so funny. The one huge difference between her and I though, is that she will fight the sales at the mall - I don't. I avoid them like the plague.

Are we the only ones who see ourselves in sitcoms?? Are there other Frankies' out there? Do you watch the show or do you have an all time favourite show???

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